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The ABCs Of Men’s Fashion

View this image › BuzzFeed 2. A is for Accessories View this image › My Soul Insurance / Via Flickr: my_soul_insurance2004 DO: Ascots. Just kidding. But don’t be afraid to punch up your outfits with a little something extra, whether that’s a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a watch, a[…]

This Giant Happy Hippo Was Spotted In The Thames River. I Need One!

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is known for creating huge sculptures that tickle the masses. They’re often temporary, over-sized versions of stuffed animals and other toys. His works can usually be found in public spaces so that people can interact with them. His most recent project to gain attention was the world-traveling giant rubber[…]

Obama slams GOP in video love letter to Planned Parenthood supporters

Thank you @BarackObama for this message of support to Planned P'hood & for women's repro rights! http://t.co/QPFB6uZ6 #TFY #TeamUterati — Alison Rose (@alisonrose711) March 28, 2012 In a new video released by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, President Obama expresses his gratitude to Planned Parenthood supporters. He also manages to toss[…]

Did One Direction Plagiarise Their Latest Music Video?

Current top-of-the-pops boy band One Direction released the video for their latest single last week. View this image › youtube.com The clip was immediately scrutinized by Australian creative outlet OhYeahWow, who were responsible for Australian band Clubfeet’s award-winning clip “Everything You Wanted.” Video available at: http://vimeo.com/58161697. The production company, who[…]

Alex Jones meets, mocks Piers Morgan in brain-melting ‘interview’

Piers Morgan interviewing Alex Jones is like watching Frost/Nixon on acid. — Hesiod Theogeny (@Hesiod2k11) January 8, 2013 Talk show host and professional nutball Alex Jones was allowed on Piers Morgan’s CNN program tonight in order to make “Musket” Morgan look sane. (Well, the real reason was because Jones was a[…]

‘Yogi’ Russell Simmons gets schooled by YouTube gun enthusiast Colion Noir

It appears as though @UncleRUSH is intimidated by @MrColionNoir for speaking his mind & standing up for what he believes in. — J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) March 8, 2013 As Twitchy reported last week, YouTube sensation Colion Noir joined NRA News as a contributor.  The Left’s anti-gun zealots immediately went into meltdown mode over[…]