!/thesasenach/status/472445120806420480 Actor and comedian Denis Leary likes this video of Dick Van Dyke dancing in a store while “What You


Hope For Paws received a call about a family of dogs struggling to survive in the desert. They were told

CONTINUE READING!/emilie_baujard/status/274544614306873344 Prior to yesterday’s U.N. vote to recognize Palestine as a nonmember observer state, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird

CONTINUE READING!/JamesOKeefeIII/status/180669971091820545 There’s so much vetting to be done. If you’ve got brass balls or unobtainium ovaries: This is not a

CONTINUE READING!/JeffSharlet/status/326841950378549250 Dartmouth College has canceled classes tomorrow in order to offer what administrators in an email called “alternative programming designed

CONTINUE READING!/GovGaryJohnson/status/222826272655556608 The Libertarian Party longshot has released a new video in which he makes the rather lofty promise of eliminating

CONTINUE READING!/Niburrific/status/425294493823557632 Ever since Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman went off during a post-game with Erin Andrews of Fox Sports, many

CONTINUE READING!/irishduke2/status/205282937854365698 We’re a-skurred. Hold us! Ben Howe documents the massive anti-ALEC movement that’s prompted more than a dozen companies to


We live in a world where differences are all around us. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in these

CONTINUE READING!/qb_ramirez/status/401113007326916608 Wait, U.S. Senators are affected by gerrymandering? That’s what MSNBC’s Touré said during a segment discussing the impact of