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Denis Leary shares video of Dick Van Dyke’s awesome dance moves [Vine]

@denisleary I can watch that all the live-long day! — Pagan (@thesasenach) May 30, 2014 Actor and comedian Denis Leary likes this video of Dick Van Dyke dancing in a store while “What You Need” by INXS plays in the background, and we totally agree. Turn the sound on and[…]

After UN vote on Palestine, Canada recalls diplomats from Israel, West Bank

In reaction of the UN bid, Canada brings its heads of mission in #Palestine back to Ottawa — emilie_baujard (@emilie_baujard) November 30, 2012 Prior to yesterday’s U.N. vote to recognize Palestine as a nonmember observer state, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird gave an impassioned speech against Palestinian statehood. Canada[…]

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is hiring

Want to change the world? Project Veritas is hiring. NJ based. http://t.co/kKtam2re — James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) March 16, 2012 There’s so much vetting to be done. If you’ve got brass balls or unobtainium ovaries: This is not a role for the faint of heart. The Operations Manager will play a[…]

Dartmouth cancels classes to address ‘outbreak of violent hate speech’

Dartmouth College has cancelled classes Wed for day of teach-ins in response to massive outbreak of violent hate speech. — JeffSharlet (@JeffSharlet) April 23, 2013 Dartmouth College has canceled classes tomorrow in order to offer what administrators in an email called “alternative programming designed to bring students, faculty, and staff[…]

Gary Johnson vows to end the IRS if elected president

When I become president, I will end the IRS. Period. http://t.co/0Hh76XVt #libertarian #election2012 #youarelibertarian #tcot #tlot — Gov. Gary Johnson (@GovGaryJohnson) July 10, 2012 The Libertarian Party longshot has released a new video in which he makes the rather lofty promise of eliminating the individual and corporate income taxes and,[…]

Seahawks’ Richard Sherman likened to Rocky III’s Clubber Lang [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/Niburrific/status/425294493823557632 Ever since Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman went off during a post-game with Erin Andrews of Fox Sports, many those who have seen the interview have been reminded of “Clubber” Lang, the character Mr. T played in the movie Rocky III: @RSherman_25 sounded exactly like Clubber Lang. — CraigScott[…]

Video: Anti-ALEC protest draws massive(ly pathetic) crowd

A.L.E.C. has some HUGE opposition…& by huge we mean maybe 15 people. http://t.co/som2fxpj Thx to @BenHowe & @CalebHowe @ALEC_states — FREAKING COLD IN D (@irishduke2) May 23, 2012 We’re a-skurred. Hold us! Ben Howe documents the massive anti-ALEC movement that’s prompted more than a dozen companies to discontinue their ALEC[…]

Touré: Gerrymandering affecting US Senators; Citizens offer civics lessons

Mental Giant @Toure says Red State SENATORS are against Ocare cuz of GERRYMANDERED DISTRICTS. For Senators. Aren't those just called STATES? — Juan Ramirez (@qb_ramirez) November 14, 2013 Wait, U.S. Senators are affected by gerrymandering? That’s what MSNBC’s Touré said during a segment discussing the impact of Obamacare on red[…]