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Tamara Holder: Anger over all these scandals is giving conservatives cancer

I think @tamaraholder is drunk again…she said Republicans get cancer because they're angry and Watergate happened in 1900. — LeftyBollocks (@LeftyBollocks) May 14, 2013 Conservatives have been told for months to just let go of the Benghazi investigation, and now we have something of a surgeon general’s warning from Tamara[…]

RIP Horshack: Ron Palillo dead at 63

Sad news: #CNN confirms that Ron Palillo, best known as "Horseshack" on TV's "Welcome Back, Kotter," has died in Florida at age 63. — David Daniel (@CNNLADavid) August 14, 2012 Sad news, indeed. After Robert Hegyes’ death earlier this year, we’ve lost another sweathog. Ron Palillo, aka Arnold Horshack from[…]

‘Reasonably well educated’ Dianne Feinstein felt patronized by Ted Cruz

Feinstein to @wolfblitzer abt Sen. Cruz : "I felt patronized" on talking to him post-mtg "I needed to cool down." #CNN — Jennifer Hanks (@ScogginsHanks) March 14, 2013 We already know not to question Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s encyclopedic knowledge of guns, and now we know we certainly don’t want to[…]

Santorum sweeps double win in Alabama, Mississippi

Fox News projects that Santorum will win Mississippi. — Christian Heinze (@CPHeinze) March 14, 2012 As voting comes to a close for the primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, voters in Hawaii and American Samoa also holding their caucuses tonight. Here’s a round up of the latest news, commentary and opinions[…]

John McCain snarls at fellow GOP senator for daring to question Gang of Eight deal

Looks like John McCain just promoted Deb Fischer to national conservative figure. A better Midwesterner than Hoeven, that's for sure! #NE — P Flynn Anderson (@pkfanderson) June 26, 2013 Arizona Sen. John McCain flew into full “you kids get off my lawn” mode yesterday when Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer dared[…]

The Game and fans attack ‘racist’ ‘hoe’ Malkin; threaten rape & death

#BOYCOTTFOXNEWS11 & @michllemalkin !!!!!! RT — LA Confidential (@thegame) December 14, 2012 Let’s try and decipher this for standard English-speaking people. Rapper The Game is urging his followers to boycott something called “Fox News 11,” as well as Twitchy founder and columnist Michelle Malkin (or someone else named “Michlle” —[…]

Despicable: Liberals portray Richard Mourdock as pro-rape

Richard Mourdock’s rape comments are outrageous and demeaning to women, and Romney should immediately denounce them. http://t.co/LJwok9td — D Wasserman Schultz (@DWStweets) October 24, 2012 “The only exception I have to have an abortion is in the case of the life of the mother. I struggled with it myself for[…]

The Broadway Cast Of Aladdin Sang A Tribute To Robin Williams. Get Some Tissues.

The world has yet to recover from the shock of Robin Williams’s death. Recently, it was announced by his wife, Susan Schneider, that the 63 year-old entertainer was in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. That sad fact makes his death even more tragic than it already was. So many were touched[…]

Boom! Palin mocks media at CPAC to write ‘conservatives in crisis stories’

Palin mocks liberal reporters at CPAC who showed up to write their “annual conservatives in crisis stories.” Crowd loves it. — Alex Pappas (@AlexPappas) March 16, 2013 After a surprise intro by Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin took the CPAC stage in front of a packed house. Looks like the @sarahpalinusanaysayers[…]