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Obama ad ‘wonders’ if Romney even paid taxes; conservatives push back

Mitt Romney's lack of transparency really makes you wonder… http://t.co/eqZwgbV9 — Ben LaBolt (@BenLaBolt) July 17, 2012 The most positive campaign evah is out with a new ad that “wonders” if Mitt Romney “paid any taxes at all.” From the voice-over: Tax havens. Offshore accounts. Carried interest. Mitt Romney has[…]

Unbelievable photos, videos from Manitou Springs, Colo., flood

Wow. Can’t get home. #waldoflood — Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) August 10, 2013 Floodwaters swept through Manitou Springs, Colo., last night, reportedly killing at least one person, and injuring at least three. Police have blocked several major roads, leaving many El Paso County residents, including Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin, unable to travel[…]

Two Golden Retrievers Kept Their Owner Alive For Two Days After She Fell.

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but apparently, they are also our guardian angels. A Florida woman suffered a near-fatal fall survived the ordeal thanks to her two golden retrievers, Higgins and Dodger. The 76-year-old broke her shoulder and bruised her head when she fell in her kitchen.[…]

Amanda Marcotte accuses Mitt Romney of supporting eugenics

http://t.co/CLCPEnWJb3 MItt Romney's speech borrows from extremist anti-feminist, eugenics-style Christian rhetoric. — Amanda Marcotte (@AmandaMarcotte) May 4, 2013 On April 27th, Mitt Romney gave an address at Southern Virginia University. In the course of a 17-minute long speech, Romney mentioned that he thinks college graduates should marry young and have lots[…]

Teen Runner Stopped To Help an Injured Competitor. And Then She Carried Her.

Winning or losing doesn’t matter when it comes to some athletes. What matters is the well-being of those in need. North Dakota teen Melanie Bailey was faced with a tough choice in her final high school cross-country meet. While passing the two-mile mark of the 2.4 mile course, she noticed[…]

This Guy Wanted To Be The First Man To Fly A Hot Air Balloon Underground.

Ivan Trifonov is a world-renowned Austrian daredevil. He currently holds four Guinness World Records, including the one you are about to see. As a tribute to Jules Verne, author of “Journey To The Center Of the Earth”, Ivan completed this feat. He decided that he wanted to be the first[…]