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Incredible: 58-year old man completes toughest marathon in the world

58-year-old Fred Baxter climbs Manitou Incline 13 times in 13 hours, 15 minutes. http://t.co/6FY6aSoN — PikesPeakSports.us (@PikesPeakSports) April 8, 2012 Twitter reaction: I bow down to Mr. Ed Baxter http://t.co/y1FuhDHR #wtf13inclines — Joe Grant (@AlpineWorks) April 8, 2012 Video interview with Ed Baxter. Story and his incredible 'Inclinathon" split times[…]

‘Click!’ Kilmeade wacks toddler in face on-air; MacCallum mocks [video]

@kilmeade hits toddler in face on @foxandfriends / Nice going, Brian! — martha maccallum (@marthamaccallum) July 11, 2013 Zing! So, what was that all about? Oh, “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade had a little accident with a toddler Thursday morning. Live. On-air. Reason Fox is first: Brian Kilmeade (mistakenly)[…]

#BindersFullOfWomen: Romney touts jobs record with women, liberal mockery ensues

"Whole binders full of women." http://t.co/uZmicFtN — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) October 17, 2012 As Twitchy reported, at tonight’s debate, an “uncommitted” voter questioned the candidates about the so-called “wage disparity” between men and women. In his response, Romney touted his record when it comes to employing women in his cabinet. He[…]

Allen West calls out Army Chief of Staff over Bergdahl

I was fined 4 protecting my men in combat. Wonder if @GENRayOdierno will charge #Bergdahl? http://t.co/XctpJLfUug — Allen West (@AllenWest) June 3, 2014 Charged? For what? Didn’t he “serve with honor and distinction,” at least up until the point he abandoned his post and renounced his citizenship, anyway? Some are are[…]

Fires break out across Brooklyn

If the Brooklyn Fire scanner were Twitter, "unable to get there" would be the top trend. — Alex Byers (@byersalex) October 30, 2012 Busy, harrowing night for FDNY as multiple infernos break out across the Big Apple in Hurricane Sandy’s wake. Here’s a look at activity on the official FDNY[…]

Inspirational Man With Cerebral Palsy Creates The Most Incredible Art.

Artistic talent comes in many different forms, to Paul Smith, his artistic talent came in the form of a typewriter. Paul was born in 1921 with severe spastic cerebral palsy, but one day he learned to use a standard typewriter to create beautiful pictures that from a distance resemble fine[…]