!/FoolishReporter/status/278622845532262401 Why yes. Yes they have. Shortly after Steven Crowder tweeted about being viciously assaulted by a union goon, conservatives

CONTINUE READING!/JoshBlockDC/status/332889315124334594 Editor’s note: The Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper broke this story yesterday. *** Every year in its Journalists Memorial, the Newseum honors

CONTINUE READING!/sallykohn/status/500747962986033153 Those “sure facts” are looking more and more like sure bullcrap.!/bob_owens/status/501206781570584577 We doubt the woman who called into Dana

CONTINUE READING!/michellemalkin/status/378229687673044992 Appearing on CNN, Angela Giron, a Colorado Democrat state Senator who was one of two state pols recalled for

CONTINUE READING!/charliespiering/status/332174267984781312 What a cockroach. After hearing tearful testimony from Eric Nordstrom and Greg Hicks about the deadly attacks in Benghazi,

CONTINUE READING!/LorelaiJones/status/515517921129689088 #TheDailyShowGoneTooFar is trending #1 in the U.S. at the moment: What’s that all about? In a segment on Comedy

CONTINUE READING!/truebluela/status/200268041613881344 Props to this baseball fan who miraculously caught a foul ball in his beer. Even though pitchers always spit

CONTINUE READING!/theronedwards/status/441319175672188928 The answer? Years and years of practice. Earlier this afternoon, the House held its 50th Obamacare repeal vote, voting