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Butterfly Joins Flutist While She Performs At An International Competition.

Japanese-born, Chicago-based flutist Yukie Ota encountered a peculiar distraction as she played in the first round of the Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition in Odense, Denmark. A majestic butterfly wanted a front row seat during Ota’s performance, obviously wooed by the beautiful sound of her flute. So it did what[…]

Geography fail: Tweeters confuse Chechnya with Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is trending because idiots are confusing it with Chechnya. If you're not sure whether to laugh or cry, cry. — Chris Jones (@MySecondEmpire) April 19, 2013 Until early this morning, it had been a while since Chechnya dominated the news cycle. But since we’ve learned that the[…]

Girl Sings To An Adorable Kitten Fighting To Stay Awake: Cutest. Thing. Ever.

This video below is proof that music soothes the “savage beast”…and well…kitties, too! Watch as Sarah Donner sings a song she wrote herself called ‘Treeline’ to her adorable kitten, Lady Peanuts. Even though the kitten is feeling super tired, she fights to stay awake just to hear that beautiful music[…]

Sad trombone: Obama tries to pick up the pieces of his broken soul at Denver rally

Energetic Obama in full-pander mode at Denver campaign rally. Someone found his "ON" switch this morning. — Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 4, 2012 On the heels of his disastrous debate performance, President Obama held a rally this morning during which he attempted to clean up the tattered remnants of his[…]

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir apologizes for sick comments about Sarah Palin [video]

Glad he apologized but don't understand why MSNBC hasn't suspended him for talking about sh*tting on another human being — HowardKurtz (@HowardKurtz) November 18, 2013 Last week, after Sarah Palin made an analogy between the national debt and enslavement, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir suggested Palin be subjected to a disgusting punishment[…]

Greta Van Susteren solicits Benghazi survivors to contact her

if you know someone who was at #Benghazi on Sept 10-11, 2012, please have the person contact me @gretawire — Greta Van Susteren (@greta) March 18, 2013 This is a pretty aggressive move. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters today that the White House “is certainly not preventing[…]

Michelle Malkin destroys Alan Colmes for Twitchy Gosnell coverage lies

@michellemalkin @TwitchyTeam Alan Colmes just now on FNC saying you haven't been covering #gosnell trial. — Sam Casey (@scasey79) April 15, 2013 @twitchyteam @twitchypolitics @alancolmestaking pot shots at you — Crooked County IL (@CrookedCountyIL) April 15, 2013 Unbelievable. Alan Colmes took to Fox News’ “Happening Now” to spread outright lies[…]

Rep. Duncan Hunter fighting to restore military death benefits

Obama's opinion of those who are willing to die for us… http://t.co/RR9nPGzsfs — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) October 9, 2013 Among all of the outrageous effects of the government shutdown, perhaps the most offensive is the withholding of a death benefit to the families of fallen troops. That benefit is used[…]

A Tribute To The Late Robin Williams, A Man Who Made Us Laugh For Decades.

There are times when the the world joins together to mourn the passing of a truly wonderful individual. Now is one of those times. Announced by the NBC Bay Area Twitter account, it was discovered this evening that 63 year old actor and comedian Robin Williams was reportedly found dead[…]