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Federal spotted owl fetish may leave Tombstone, Ariz. without water

Tombstone Az. water supply destroyed by storm. City council sides with Eco Freeks, No Motorized, or Wheeled eq. can be used to rebuild.Sick! — Bob Simpson (@SIMBOB1941) May 12, 2012 Reliable access to water is essential to life in the desert, but it’s not much of a priority for federal[…]

Dana Perino delivers news that brother of ‘The Five’ co-host has passed [video]

Another Angel was just added to heaven ,so sorry @AndreaTantaros — Mary Ann Williamson (@mslibor) August 21, 2013 There were many condolences on Twitter after Dana Perino announced on “The Five” Wednesday that the brother of co-host Andrea Tantaros had passed away. Perino said Daniel Tantaros was 31 years old.[…]

Hostage watch: Gov. O’Malley gets ‘Cory Bookered’ by Team Obama

We are clearly better off as a country because we're now creating jobs rather than losing them. #DNC2012 #Forward — Martin O'Malley (@GovernorOMalley) September 3, 2012 That was fast! Just yesterday, when asked if people are better off today than they were four years ago, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley answered with[…]

There’s A Park In China That Entertains People Using WHAT?

The Kingdom of the Little People or Dwarf Empire is an amusement park in Kunming, China that features performances by actors and dancers who are living with dwarfism, a medical condition that causes those whom it affects to be abnormally short in stature. To become a performer at The Kingdom[…]

ABC news runs women’s group backlash over Bill Maher statements

Women’s Group Presses Obama on Limbaugh/Maher Double Standard http://t.co/hpfMXmG2 — ABC News (@ABC) March 9, 2012 From ABC News What did Maher say that has drawn the protest from CWA? Nance cites instances when Maher, a comedian whose show airs on HBO, reportedly called former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin a[…]

Amazing Photorealistic Time Lapse Drawing Of Robin Williams. Unbelievable.

People remember and honor those they admire differently. For talented artist Heather Rooney, she decided to honor the memory of her idol Robin Williams, who brought her so many laughs and smiles through the years, with this photorealistic pencil drawing of the late actor. Once you see her draw that[…]

President sits down with YouTube stars to push Obamacare signups

So this one time, @Alphacat showed POTUS his impersonation of POTUS…in the Oval Office (before talking health care): http://t.co/rlrHPc2FjC — Valerie Jarrett (@vj44) March 6, 2014 The historic meeting was held months ago, but today the White House released a behind-the-scenes video of President Obama’s meeting with several YouTube personalities,[…]