!/TopGearUKfan/status/419834502564048896 This morning on “Fox News Sunday,” Mitt Romney addressed MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry’s latest apology for hosting a panel

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Having a pet in the house can be a wonderful experience. They add so much joy and love to your


This poor dog had fallen into a pool of hot tar that completely smothered his body and had became rock-solid.

CONTINUE READING!/0_oFry3yee/status/258407836911009792 Despite what the media and race-obsessed Left would have you believe, black conservatives are not evil mythical creatures. They

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For Los Angeles-based animal rescue group Hope For Paws, a few soothing words and a hamburger is often more than

CONTINUE READING!/KENS5/status/178291329468612608 From KENS5 in San Antonio: CEO’s tell Duncan that they have open positions, but there aren’t enough qualified applicants.

CONTINUE READING!/ExPoleDancer/status/337256648722771968!/BBCBreaking/status/337248128329711616 A nightmarish scene in southeast London today. A soldier was beheaded in broad daylight by men wielding swords