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“Santorum Girls” video goes viral

Family band's "Santorum Girls" video going viral – old-school style: http://t.co/lHJHPdsz — Yahoo! Ticket (@YahooTicket) March 8, 2012 Video from YouTube. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/03/09/santorum-girls-video-goes-viral/

What This Guy Does For His Pet Turtle Is Both Brilliant And Hilarious.

Having a pet in the house can be a wonderful experience. They add so much joy and love to your life, but they also add pet hair and “accidents” to your house over time. If you can keep track of them, you can prevent some unfortunate incidents. Knowing where your[…]

Tolerance: Obama supporters urge black Romney voters to kill themselves

http://twitter.com/#!/0_oFry3yee/status/258407836911009792 Despite what the media and race-obsessed Left would have you believe, black conservatives are not evil mythical creatures. They are free thinkers who refuse to view their fellow man through the lens of skin color, opting instead to focus on character. That’s exactly as it should be. Unfortunately, some[…]

Obam-uh: Buzzfeed shines spotlight on what we’ve known all along

IMPORTANT » » Obama: "Uh." http://t.co/BmCyR9M4 — Dorsey Shaw (@dorseyshaw) October 4, 2012 President Obama may never live down last night’s abysmal debate performance, and Buzzfeed is doing its part to make sure that’s the case. Generally speaking, the “real journalists” at Buzzfeed have been in the tank for Obama[…]

NPR hack: April ‘a big month for anti-government and right-wing individuals’

No more taxpayer dollars to support progressive propaganda hack machine @NPR. #KruiserFeelings — SFK (@stephenkruiser) April 18, 2013 NPR’s counterterror correspondent Dina Temple-Raston has taken a page from Michael Moore’s math book and tied the Boston Marathon bombing to conservatives. But she’s found a way to put her own little[…]

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has a DREAM act

Education Secretary Duncan visits San Antonio; continues crusade for DREAM Act http://t.co/HQgcevYf — KENS 5 (@KENS5) March 10, 2012 From KENS5 in San Antonio: CEO’s tell Duncan that they have open positions, but there aren’t enough qualified applicants. Other highlights of the summit included Duncan commenting on his strong desire[…]

Horrific machete attack in #Woolwich: British officials call it terrorism

It’s #terrorism MT @SkyNewsBreak: London Mayor Boris Johnson calls #Woolwich killing a "sickening, deluded & unforgivable act of violence — Trish (Queen Bossy) (@ExPoleDancer) May 22, 2013 UK government is treating #Woolwich incident as a terrorist attack, sources tell @BBCNickRobinson. LIVE: http://t.co/6oxEh0OXAe — BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) May 22, 2013[…]