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Michael Moore implies Woolwich attack was chickens coming home to roost

ALL killing is wrong. Just sayin' let's not feign shock when those innocents we've massacred might know ppl who may want to kill u or I. — Michael Moore (@MMFlint) May 24, 2013 In other words, jihadi attacks on the West are wrong, but they are totally understandable given our[…]

Huge explosion rocks Mount Qasioun in Syria [video]

BREAKING: confirmed explosion in qasyoon mountain targets military base. #Syria — Alexander Page (@RamiJarrah) May 4, 2013 A day after Israel reportedly launched an attack on a “consignment of advanced, long-range, ground-to-ground missiles destined for Hezbollah,” explosions are again being reported in Syria, this time on Mount Qasioun, overlooking Damascus. Unconfirmed video has[…]

California Gloomin’

Golden State Gloom | FrontPage Magazine: http://t.co/h3hRpS1C What #California looks like thanks to #Democrats & @JerryBrownGov @NancyPelosi — Kristy Lonestar (@luchadora41) March 12, 2012 FrontPage: For a number of years, California has maintained its reputation as a “cutting edge” state, the incubator of grandiose ideas that eventually find their way[…]

Maybe Allen Iverson should have practiced

http://twitter.com/#!/_Call_Me_Chen_/status/199539627575607296 It was 10 years ago today that Allen Iverson held his iconic news conference that ridiculed the importance of an NBA practice. Even NFL kickers are marking the occasion. https://twitter.com/#!/DavidAkers2/status/199479147867803649 The Twitter universe is remembering it in its own special way: https://twitter.com/#!/NotoriousTOM666/status/199538525618716672 https://twitter.com/#!/stevieT85/status/199539416895729665 https://twitter.com/#!/Empire_City_212/status/199540326023708672 2day is the 10 yr[…]

Harry Reid claims O-care horror stories ‘all untrue’; Epic refutation ensues

@guypbenson @Politcswatch #Obamacare So then, 5 million plus Americans have collaborated a "we've lost our insurance lie?". @SenatorReid? — DeAnn Bradford (@DeAnn_1) February 26, 2014 Despicable Harry Reid is at it again. Today the Nevada Senator claimed that everybody with a story about Obamacare’s negative impact on their lives is[…]

Gov. Mitch Daniels wants 6 more years of Sen. Dick Lugar … or does he?

TRUE CONSERVATIVE Mitch Daniels backing Lugar. Told you so. — Neil Stevens (@presjpolk) April 22, 2012 Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels appears in a new television ad released by Sen. Dick Lugar’s reelection campaign. Twitter reaction to the 30 second spot was mixed. The Mitch <3's Lugar ad makes me feel[…]

Six Corgi Puppies Invade A College Campus And Totally Make Everyone’s Day.

This cute video below of six adorable corgi puppies roaming around a college campus was made by a few Georgia Tech students, in what I can only imagine was their intensive research to answer the age old question “How much cuteness can one person possibly handle?”. Apparently the answer is[…]

Obama: ‘No serious evidence’ Obamacare is holding back economic growth [video]

LOLOLOLOLOL RT @AndrewStilesNRO: Obama: No "serious evidence" that Obamacare is holding back economic growth. — Ellen L. Carmichael (@ellencarmichael) September 16, 2013 Today, President Obama made some remarks about the horrible shooting at the Washington Navy Yard before delivering a scheduled address about the economy on the fifth anniversary of[…]