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Resident Evil 6 release date pushed up

Resident evil 6 October 2nd ! #CantWait — Devon (@dmsilva8) April 10, 2012 https://twitter.com/#!/Vaatiful/status/189766311209996289 Fans of the popular video game series “Resident Evil” will be stoked to hear that the next installment of the series, “Resident Evil 6″ has been pushed up! The game was originally set to hit stores[…]

Video: Vanilla Ice joins ESPN SportsCenter #MakesNoSense

BREAKING: Vanilla Ice on ESPN right now — Jordan S. Terry (@The_Analyst) June 13, 2012 Vanilla Ice was all over ESPN the other day trying to promote his new movie. Yep, you read that right. Vanilla Ice is in a new movie with Adam Sandler called “That’s My Boy.” What[…]

This Advertisement May Seem Simple, But It’ll Bring You To Tears In Seconds.

There is one advertising company in Thailand that has a direct line to our hearts. They created this commercial that is both inspiring and tearjerking. There’s no way to oversell this video. It’s incredible… heart warming… and makes me want to be a better person. Seriously, enjoy this video. You can[…]

Bill Gates is trying to raise toilet awareness

It’s time to reinvent the #toilet so that we can meet the needs of the 2.5 billion who don’t have access to one http://t.co/3NZqLNNh — Bill Gates (@BillGates) August 13, 2012 Fortunately, he’s already had some help: Thank you, @MiaFarrow @anildash @mattbish & @sorenmacbeth for spreading the word about the[…]

Super Bowl’s ‘America the Beautiful’ prompts calls for gun control

It was no accident that Hudson whose mother and brother were murdered with a gun was chosen to perform with the Sandy Hook children right? — Jordan Kutzik (@Thrownpeas) February 3, 2013 No, it was no accident. Right on cue, many Twitter users parlayed the pre-Super Bowl performance by Jennifer Hudson[…]