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In The Cutest Video Ever, This Bulldog Puppy Attempts To Howl. So Darling!

It’s time for your daily dose of cuteness, and today that comes in the form of this super cute bulldog puppy, attempting to howl. Just be careful though, as watching this too many times may exceed your recommended daily intake, so watch at your own risk! (Source: The Pet Collective)[…]

Courage and sacrifice: Remembering D-Day on the 68th anniversary

http://twitter.com/#!/adamsbaldwin/status/210390613403770880 Today, on the 68th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, the Twitterverse remembered the brave sacrifices our heroes made to defeat the forces of tyranny. Today is the 68th anniversary of D-Day. May we never forget their courage and sacrifice. http://t.co/0GMGbi36 — OregonTeaParty (@OregonTeaParty) June 6, 2012 68 years[…]


http://twitter.com/#!/FirstTeamTommy/status/197385931014152195 If Barack Obama decides to abandon the “I killed bin Laden and Mitt Romney totally wouldn’t have” angle … … Twitter has some suggestions for future campaign ads. Why won't Romney stop wagging my lunch? #ScrappedObamaAds #ObamaEatsDogs — Chris Barnhart (@ChrisBarnhart) May 1, 2012 #ScrappedObamaAds How I brought civility[…]

Stoked for the next James Bond film!? First teaser trailer released

Ooooooo finally! New James Bond trailer 🙂 — Dylan Pereira (@DPereira1994) May 21, 2012 Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again. It’s time for another James Bond film! Here’s a teaser trailer for the newest installment, “Skyfall.” New James Bond Skyfall teaser trailer released. F*ck the Avengers. This is the[…]

Ed Schultz claims Dems asking his advice about O-care messaging [video]

Ed reveals that congressional Democrats are approaching him for messaging tips. — Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) December 11, 2013 Will MSNBC’s Ed Schultz have a say in how the Dems run their campaigns next year? According to Schultz, he’s been approached for advice about how to spin Obamacare. Schultz claims he’s[…]

‘Who’s up for another government viral marketing fail?’: Meet Fruved.com

"government" is just a word for things we do together. Like pay college kids to stage rape videos in fruit costumes http://t.co/PC8fbTtay1 — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) March 18, 2014 No, it’s not rape videos, it’s grape videos. Once you’ve visited Fruved.com and clicked on a video, you’ll understand the need[…]

A closer look at the Brit ‘journos’ at Obama’s state dinner

How DC works RT @LewisMcCrary: Andrew Sullivan praises Obama-Cameron lovefest, gets invite to state dinner http://t.co/ALEQJVay — Toby Harnden (@tobyharnden) March 15, 2012 Guess who else came to the White House state dinner tonight funded by taxpayers as a reward for major campaign donors? President Obama’s biggest British suck-ups in[…]

Fugelsang: ‘Right-wing Christians’ would ‘nail [Jesus] all over again’ [video]

@Matthops82 @JohnFugelsang Oh. And he knows what Jesus wants. — Beef Supreme (@TorchOWyatt) June 11, 2014 Appearing on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” John Fugelsang, during a discussion about Texas GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert and “right-wing Christians,” said this: @NoahCRothman Seriously? — laurakfillault (@laurakfillault) June 11, 2014 Yes, seriously. Video followed[…]

Gun sales to women increasing

Women Turning To Guns For Protection – Video – KOCO Oklahoma City: http://t.co/opocyEY7 via @AddThis — Patrick Spencer (@made4tv) March 28, 2012 Gun sales explode as election looms: “Usually people come in to buy three or four boxes for target practice. Now… http://t.co/BfkltBpF — andhil56 (@PBeneby) March 22, 2012 More[…]

Horrifying: Turkish police fire water cannon on man in wheelchair [pics, video]

http://twitter.com/#!/teasyTHFC/status/344525334588305408 In perhaps the most viscerally horrific scene that’s emerged yet from the ongoing clash between police and protesters in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, Turkish riot police were seen blasting a water cannon at a wheelchair-bound protester: Heart breaking. Just saw TR polis using water cannon on a #disabled man on[…]