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‘Kurdish diva’ Helly Luv wants to ‘Risk it All’ for freedom [video]

Today is a big day for me and for Kurdish history <3 !!!!!! Let's do this!!!!! LONG LIVE FREE KURDISTAN !!!! #TIFF14 #TIFF #Kurdistan — Helly Luv (@HellyLuv) September 6, 2014 Helan Abdullah—aka Helly Luv—is a Kurdish actress, pop star, and activist who is outspoken in her support for an independent[…]

One Man Ignores Doctors Orders And Spends Every Night Feeding The Hungry.

Not even bitter cold weather can deter Allan Law from his mission to help the homeless and hungry of Minneapolis. Every night, he walks the streets, giving them food and necessities. His doctor told him to stop for his health, but he refused. He has passionately and unselfishly served the[…]