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Watch Sarah Palin vs. Julianne Moore video comparison

Julianne Moore is quite captivating as Sarah Palin in #GameChange. It's so good that it makes you feel sympathetic for Palin! #mixedsignals — Yannick Pucci (@ypldn) March 13, 2012 Via The Hollywood Reporter: Whether HBO was truthful in its depiction of Sarah Palin’s 2008 campaign behavior in their new film[…]

Twitter celebrates life of Kurt Cobain

http://twitter.com/#!/ourladyofgay/status/187823919502344192 Only 18 years ago today, lead singer of the hit band, Nirvana, took his own life. In case you need a refresher, here’s a bit of the magic he made: 5th April 1994, Kurt Cobain committed suicide by shooting himself in the head at his home in Seattle. Cobain's…[…]

Hispanic conservatives praise Rubio’s Spanish-language SOTU response

Marco Rubio delivering the response in both English and perfect Spanish…pure amazing…take a look into the future!!! — Melanie Vasquez (@mvasquez2488) February 13, 2013 Sen. Marco Rubio is earning rave reviews from Hispanic conservatives for delivering the GOP response to the State of the Union address in Spanish. Marco Rubio[…]

Stompy foot in chief and friends desperately try to walk back admission of failure

Mitt Romney continues to take the President’s words out of context, so we returned the favor: http://t.co/ARWXoPEI — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) September 20, 2012 After President Obama’s colossal gaffe today in which he admitted that the “change” portion of Hopeandchange ™ is a total sham, his crackerjack team of excuse-mongers and[…]

Fire, possibly storm rip facade off 4-story apartment building in Manhattan

YIKES MT @michaelhayes: Side of a bldg ripped off by the storm on 8th Ave. in lower Manhattan, @FDNY responding http://t.co/cxj9cdcz #sandy — Boston.com (@BostonDotCom) October 29, 2012 MAN 2-ALARM 92 8TH AVE, MULTIPLE DWELLING BUILDING COLLAPSE, — FDNY (@FDNY) October 29, 2012 The New York City Fire Department rushed[…]

Experience A Complete Panorama Of The Sky, All From Inside A Plane.

If flying makes you nervous, you might want to avoid booking a ticket on this brand-new plane concept. The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), based in the U.K., has developed a concept to replace the traditional, porthole-like windows on plane fuselages with flexible HD panels that can display panoramas of the[…]

#Ask43: George W. Bush answers questions from the Warrior Open

Round one of the #warrioropen starts today. For scores, photos & video go to http://t.co/QWBsf3ULbb pic.twitter.com/4XAWjpgqDw — TheBushCenter (@TheBushCenter) September 27, 2013 President Bush welcomes the warriors to the 3rd #warrioropen pic.twitter.com/xIV88Zg6qZ — TheBushCenter (@TheBushCenter) September 26, 2013 The 2013 Warrior Open, a competitive 36-hole golf tournament in the Dallas[…]

Thieves Try To Rob The Wrong Gas Station With A Clerk Trained In MMA.

If you’ve watched Ocean’s 11, then you know robberies are all about planning and patience. When wannabe-thieves attacked gas station clerk Mayura Dissanyake’s coworker, it seemed like they had done their homework. They knew he was returning from the bank with a large sum of money and that he’d have[…]

Twittersphere remembers Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes

Rest in peace Left Eye. We haven't forgotten. — Terrence J (@TerrenceJ) April 25, 2012 10-years-ago today, TLC member Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes died from a fatal car crash in Honduras. She won’t be forgotten anytime soon… One of the coolest ladies to ever touch a mic passed away 10[…]