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White liberals parody Romney as too white in advance of NAACP speech

And the right is racist? You better check yourselves. Lib group calls Romney 2 white 4 blacks to like http://t.co/JSFcEo6t #tcot #LNYHBT #p2 — PattiO (@soylentbeige) July 10, 2012 Liberal “media hub” The Message has released a satirical “behind the scenes” video in advance of Mitt Romney’s speech to the[…]

Former Alan Grayson staffer: Mitt Romney is an immoral bully!

http://twitter.com/#!/jstrevino/status/201065541367115776 Romney's refusal to acknowledge and apologize for what he did is far more damning. A President is a moral leader. — Matt Stoller (@matthewstoller) May 11, 2012 Maybe this makes us sound like bullies (gasp!), but we think Matthew Stoller needs a good swat with the irony stick. A[…]

They Tried To Record This Fox On A GoPro. Apparently, He Was Hungry.

When you leave an expensive camera, like a GoPro, in the wild, the point is for the animals not to notice. After all, the point is the capture footage of the creatures in their natural habitat. Besides, most animals wouldn’t care about a teeny, tiny little camera, right?  Wrong. (At least[…]

This Is Exactly How You Deal With Dirtbags Who Don’t Know How To Park.

Finding a decent parking spot is one of life’s most difficult challenges. It becomes even more frustrating when someone decides their car is worth more than all other cars by parking across two spaces. That’s exactly what Kyle DeMattia discovered after spending two hours in traffic. But he didn’t let[…]

After Being Bullied, One Girl Left Hundreds Of Post-It Notes Around Her School.

When Canadian teenager Caitlin Prater-Haacke was the victim of bullying, she didn’t get mad. She didn’t want to get even. Instead, she turned it into something positive. Last month, a fellow student in George McDougall High School broke into Caitlin’s locker. They used her iPad to post messages to her[…]

Obama to star in Cartoon Network anti-bullying PSA

http://twitter.com/#!/mamawinger/status/180790190061789184 Breitbart.com: President Obama is clearly comfortable with bullies. As we pointed out this week, it appears that comic bully Louis C.K. has visited the White House; so will Trig Palin birther Andrew Sullivan. President Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, used to send dead fish to political opponents.[…]

‘Even if I were American’: Are Obamacare call centers outsourced too?

Can anyone confirm if the Obamacare phone number connects to a call center in India? — Uri Blago (@UriBlago) October 22, 2013 We already know that the “glitchy” train wreck that is HealthCare.gov departed from Canada; specifically, from a company named CGI Federal. This morning, President Obama suggested that those[…]