Alright folks, it’s time for a quick biology lesson: caddisflies are a common water-dwelling insect with similarities to the moth

CONTINUE READING!/biggovt/status/179044462725570560 From Big Government: In one sermon, which Wright published in 1995 in a collection entitled Africans Who Shaped Our

CONTINUE READING!/schroedertony/status/399046343546503168 Don’t try to use an applause meter to gauge Jay Leno audience’s support for Ted Cruz. Leno’s questions, though,

CONTINUE READING!/showtunz/status/385903611625996288 Tonight on “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews went full cuckoo’s nest once again and proved that no dots are too

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CONTINUE READING!/ShannonRowbury/status/505066588739878914 American distance runners Shannon Rowbury and Jenny Simpson waged a thrilling battle to the line in the women’s 1500m in Zurich,


In an emotional commencement address at Maharishi University in Iowa last month, comedy actor Jim Carrey dropped his usually goofy

CONTINUE READING!/Alyssa_Milano/status/247753095168290816 The “Who’s the Boss?” actress has apparently bought into the idea that the GOP’s proposed voter ID laws are