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He’s so happy he could do a backflip!

http://twitter.com/#!/peggykusinski/status/209805778519982081 Outfielder Courtney Hawkins was so happy to be drafted in the first round by the Chicago White Sox that he could do a backflip! And that’s exactly what he did. Let that be a lesson for all of you. Never admit how happy are or the media will force[…]

MSNBC host criticizes ‘pretender’ Stacey Dash’s parenting skills

http://twitter.com/#!/REALStaceyDash/status/487786719933001728 No one needs MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” but one thing actress Stacey Dash doesn’t need is child-rearing advice from “Ed Show” guest host Michael Eric Dyson, who apparently thinks she’s taught her children to be Obama-hating conservatives. http://twitter.com/#!/jschrimsher2/status/487787622228447232 Why yes, there was plenty of name-calling. Tolerant MSNBC viewers were[…]

Wisconsin union members protest Walker’s legislation one year removed

http://twitter.com/#!/BobPMilw/status/178525648678162433 Wisconsin labor union activists are protesting the one-year anniversary of Gov. Scott Walker signing legislation that overhauled collective bargaining in the state. Friday, the activists took their displeasure to the state’s capitol, Madison. Who's up for a little good old fashion Wisconsin protest today? See you at the Capitol!!![…]

This 10-Second Auditory Illusion Gets Crazier The More You Replay It.

Don’t believe everything you hear. The video below is an auditory illusion known as the ‘Shepard tone’. Roger Shepard was a cognitive scientist who is said to be the “father of research on spatial relations”, and this trick is named after him because essentially what happens is a series of[…]

Florida Volunteers Fined For Feeding The Homeless.

After an eventful afternoon in Manatee Park, Chico and Debbie Jimenez were banned for life and given a $746 citation by the Daytona Beach Police Department. Despite what their punishment might suggest, the Jimenezes were not destroying public property or hosting an out-of-control BBQ. They were feeding the homeless. Daytona Beach[…]

Battlestar Galactica: ‘Blood & Chrome’ may become digital series

http://twitter.com/#!/eonline/status/182668950713270275 From EOnline: According to Deadline, Blood & Chrome, which features a younger version of Edward James Olmos’ Adama character during the war against the Cylons, may become a digital series. Also heartening, the pilot sounds like it will end up as a one-shot movie for the network. We are actively pursuing it[…]

#YourLittleBook: Conservatives explain Constitution to Piers Morgan

http://twitter.com/#!/benshapiro/status/289579969540136961 Yes, he really did. Last night, “Bullies” author Ben Shapiro had Piers Morgan on the defensive over the Second Amendment. Backed into an intellectual corner, Morgan lashed out at Shapiro’s “little book,” otherwise known as the U.S. Constitution. Needless to say, Musket’s condescending asshattery didn’t go over well with[…]

Liberals quick to promote white separatist troll as face of CPAC

think progress and TPM finallydug up 1 racist schmuck at CPAC. Andrews Sullivan will sleep well tonight. http://t.co/kdYqgec2n7 — David Harsanyi (@davidharsanyi) March 15, 2013 Liberals finally found a reason to pay close attention to CPAC after an audience member spoke in favor of segregation. While liberals dismissed former congressman[…]