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Did George Takei swipe yesterday’s pasta snark to sneer at Barilla?

I hear Barilla pasta is making a new product–bigotoni. — George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) September 27, 2013 Yuk, yuk, yuk. Get it? BIGOToni. George Takei’s Twitter feed is usually pretty entertaining and he once insisted that he writes all his own Facebook commentary. For a guy proud of crafting his own commentary, his[…]

Wink, wink, Drudge, Drudge! Squinty Hillary, Obamas, Putin greet Drudge readers

The @DRUDGE_REPORT has some nefarious people winking at you on their web page. #tcot #gop — @Gre8Scott (@Gre8Scott) September 26, 2012 Drudge's pics right now are … interesting. Proceed with caution. — Matt Welch (@mleewelch) September 26, 2012 The world is full of seemingly endless bad news. We could all[…]

Ann Coulter laughs off ‘hissy fits’ over anti-soccer column

what's the name of that idiot woman that was saying soccer is responsible for the moral bankruptcy of the United States? — William deVry (@WilliamdeVry1) June 30, 2014 With the World Cup in full swing there have been some wide ranging opinions expressed about soccer. With great enthusiasm, there is[…]

Watch how Trojan condoms are made

This Is How Condoms Are Made…. juuuuust in case you were wondering. http://t.co/z7q2D8nN — Aline Chirinian (@nouchaline) April 3, 2012 We don’t know about you, but when it’s a slow news day for us we seize the opportunity by trying to learn new things. Today we present you with a[…]

Homeless Dog Gets A Lifesaving Makeover… And A Very Happy Ending.

Bailey is a dog that was found living alone on the streets of Los Angeles. He was in terrible condition, struggling to live. He was brought to a high-kill shelter in bad condition and feeling terribly frightened. When it comes to getting dogs adopted out of shelters, looks really do matter. A[…]

Lawyer says Zimmerman in hiding; Twitter mob cheers and Sharpton gears up

http://twitter.com/#!/NBCMiami/status/183922913349611521 From NBC Miami: I have advised him to stay out of the public eye as much as he can. I can’t say where he is because i don’t know,” said attorney Craig Sonner. Zimmerman’s attorney went on to say his client is in hiding since the shooting February 26[…]

This Squirrel Helped Out With Halloween Decorations By Carving A Pumpkin.

I always thought I was pretty good at carving pumpkins. Then, this squirrel came along and showed me how it’s supposed to be done. He carved a face into a pumpkin sitting out on a garden table. What makes this the perfect Halloween pumpkin is how horrific the smile looks.[…]