!/WXII/status/176664027139801088 WXII 12 News reports: Two weeks ago, Thomas Tolbert said he registered his dog Buddy on a whim. The 

CONTINUE READING!/johnnydollar01/status/477196734641078272 The fall of Mosul was the topic on Fox News’ “The Five” today.!/uncarich854/status/477196409960005634!/sundance0272/status/477202712858083328 Left-wing pundits don’t like

CONTINUE READING!/cnnworId/status/178878981494411264 Forgotten because of the events in Afghanistan and Japan was the anniversary of the 2004 Madrid Train Bombings. 191 people

CONTINUE READING!/LilMissRightie/status/298591738342281217 We heard enough nonsense about conservatives supposedly “defending” rape during last year’s campaign season to last several lifetimes. So

CONTINUE READING!/viewofadam/status/343042600493776896 This morning in San Jose, California, President Obama made some remarks about the recent IRS and NSA scandals, and


We’re often told that it’s not about how we fall in life, it’s whether we get back up and keep

CONTINUE READING!/VictoriaTaft/status/197416222407655425 Those troublemakin’ tea partyers, what with their rapin’ and pillagin’ and plunderin’ and … oh, wait. It seems that