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Man who registered his dog as a Democrat now facing jail time

Man Who Registered Dog To Vote Faces Jail Time http://t.co/KaEtRvAf — WXII 12 News (@WXII) March 5, 2012 WXII 12 News reports: Two weeks ago, Thomas Tolbert said he registered his dog Buddy on a whim. The  retired Army veteran said he jotted down a fake Social Security number on[…]

‘Talk about revisionist history’: Perino schools Beckell [video]

That shot @DanaPerino took at @RobertGBeckel … Bob really felt that. — johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) June 12, 2014 The fall of Mosul was the topic on Fox News’ “The Five” today. Dana Perino just delivered massive slap down to Bob Beckel @TheFive Hoooahhh — Richard Hanson (@uncarich854) June 12, 2014[…]

Forgotten yesterday, the 8th anniversary of the Madrid train bombings

Unions protest as Spain marks eighth anniversary of Madrid train bombings: Union protesters marched across Spain… http://t.co/uID7FxuE — CNN WORLD (@cnnworId) March 11, 2012 Forgotten because of the events in Afghanistan and Japan was the anniversary of the 2004 Madrid Train Bombings. 191 people died and 1800 were wounded. The ringleader[…]

Joel Mathis: Why are conservatives defending ‘rapey’ Audi Super Bowl ad?

What's worse than a feminist? A neutered male who tries to take up for the cause. It's funny when they flame out though. So there's that. — LMR (@LilMissRightie) February 5, 2013 We heard enough nonsense about conservatives supposedly “defending” rape during last year’s campaign season to last several lifetimes.[…]

Eye on Occupy: Reckless in Seattle (and beyond)

Seattle Fed courthouse on fire set by protesters. #5vtshow #OMG @PatDollard @LarryOConnor @MichelleMalkin — Victoria Taft (@VictoriaTaft) May 1, 2012 Those troublemakin’ tea partyers, what with their rapin’ and pillagin’ and plunderin’ and … oh, wait. It seems that the peaceful Occupy movement is all about the occupation, and nothing[…]