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Democrat senator is ‘not comfortable’ with Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary

http://twitter.com/#!/UneditedPolitic/status/290500155533316096 Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal says he is not yet comfortable with Obama nominee Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Here is his reasoning: Looks like more Dem Sens turning against #Hagel. Blumenthal (D-CT) not comfortable w/Hagel’s views on Israel and Iran youtu.be/cGt5gnryZzI — Greta(@Viasmom) January 13, 2013 Senator Blumenthal[…]

When It’s Time For Dinner, These Fish Are Disturbingly Excited

If you’ve ever worked in the food industry, you know what it’s like when lunchtime hits and the entire restaurant is overrun with dead-eyed office workers brainlessly fighting for spots in line as if the food was going to run out. Well that same thing is pretty much captured here[…]

Sorry, Miley Cyrus: Tweeters not in any rush to see the Twerking Girl naked

http://twitter.com/#!/iiWolfie/status/404778286196068352 The #CelebritiesIWantToSeeNaked hashtag has been trending nationally for a while: But it looks like Miley Cyrus will be sitting this one out: http://twitter.com/#!/ValentinaH37/status/404784842665361408 http://twitter.com/#!/Jenna_Velez/status/404828211327946752 Yep. Been there, done that. http://twitter.com/#!/Squidney34/status/404965517036777473 http://twitter.com/#!/HiMyNameisGahhh/status/404964548219645952 Blech. http://twitter.com/#!/lil_bird_jarrin/status/404973951723393024 http://twitter.com/#!/Cyberquill/status/405024214903574528 http://twitter.com/#!/B3astMode/status/404818214678298625 And while we’re on the subjects of celebs who should never don their birthday[…]

When Blood Meets Hydrogen Peroxide, Things Can Get Messy

We’ve all used hydrogen peroxide on a cut or scrape at some point in our lives. That burning sensation paired with the foam it creates when it hits the blood is reassurance that our cut won’t get infected by anything nasty. But why does it do that? Well, you’ve got[…]

Students Were Shocked And Awed By What They Saw When Class Started

Over the years, Barbies have become childhood staples. The creators of these iconic dolls manage to stay relevant by making new Barbies that kids can identify with, and their success shows no signs of stopping. Still, Barbies are earning a bit of a bad reputation. These dolls have unrealistic bodies,[…]

RIP Levon Helm

http://twitter.com/#!/andylevy/status/193053389079330818 Earlier this week, news broke that The Band’s Levon Helm was in the final stages of his battle with throat cancer. Helm, 71, passed away this afternoon at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. “We lost Levon at 1:30 today surrounded by friends and family and his musicians have[…]

‘Let them eat single-payer!’: Schakowsky tells O-care critics to ‘get over it’ [video]

#GETOVERIT #GETOVERIT #GETOVERIT #GETOVERIT #GETOVERIT #GETOVERIT Congresswoman from California — RhysTay (@iRhysTay) October 30, 2013 If anything positive came out of today’s congressional hearing on Healthcare.gov, it’s this: There can no longer be any doubt as to what the Democrats truly think about the American people. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius[…]