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The ‘best news’ Mika Brzezinski has had in ‘years’ is hilariously sad [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/baldingschemer/status/431048782042521601 Read it and weep … with tears of laughter. CVS’ announcement that it plans to stop selling cigarettes is the “best news” Mika Brzezinski of “Morning Joe” has heard in “years.” Years! http://twitter.com/#!/Alyssafarah/status/431043754246807552 Dude. Years! http://twitter.com/#!/bccohan/status/431044392489877504 And yes, it really happened: Related: Oops! This random dude may be hardest[…]

Adorable Penguin Helps A Man Surprise His Girlfriend With A Marriage Proposal.

Mitch and Casey have a shared love for penguins over the years, so it was only fitting that a penguin helped Mitch propose to Casey at Pittsburgh Zoo. He planned it all out… and it went swimmingly! He surprised her by having her brought backstage at the penguin exhibit, where one adorable penguin[…]

MSNBC panelists attacked for being too respectful of pro-life guest

http://twitter.com/#!/CharmaineYoest/status/345934031113830400 In case you missed it — and it aired on MSNBC on a Saturday morning, so hundreds of millions did — Americans United for Life President Charmaine Yoest appeared on “Up with Steve Kornacki” this morning to join in a panel on “The Return of the War on Women.” Yoest[…]

‘Hail Hitler’ chanted at Israel supporters, media ignores [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/mmoskvit/status/496017077720084480 Calgary Herald reporter Erika Stark failed to mention that Palestinian supporters protesting a pro-Israel rally chanted “All hail Hitler” to the Jewish crowd. Stark apparently heard it but tweeted only that she “shouldn’t tweet” what they were saying. http://twitter.com/#!/erikamstark/status/495011625913421824 If Stark included the “Hitler” chant in her article it didn’t[…]

What These Artists Are Doing To People’s Tattoos Is Insane!

People get tattoos all the time. Some have special meanings, while others just look insanely cool. When a tattoo looks amazing on someone, it’s hard to imagine them without it. But artists Oskar & Gaspar decided to take the story of tattoos another step further. These innovators specialize in what[…]

Left’s desperate argument against Romney ad: Obama is a dreamy singer

http://twitter.com/#!/EmilyABC/status/224816371794575360 Over the weekend, Team Obama viciously mocked Mitt Romney’s patriotism in an ad set to the GOP candidate singing “America the Beautiful.” Today, Team Romney is out with a singing Obama ad titled “Political Payoffs And Middle Class Layoffs.” But the president isn’t belting out anything patriotic. Instead, he[…]

Only ‘old white men’ care about Obama’s virginity ad? Women push back

http://twitter.com/#!/JamesHercher/status/261642640599158784 The Nation swooned over the Obama campaign’s “sexy” and “affirmatively feminist” ad  featuring “Girls” actress Lena Dunham — you know, the putrid, offensive video that likens first-time voting to having sex for the first time. And the Atlantic’s Connor Simpson mocked the “ridiculous” outrage from “old white men” on the[…]

Viewers: #AMAs presenter Bill Maher rolls eyes when Rihanna’s mom thanks Jesus [photo, video]; Update: Maher tweets

http://twitter.com/#!/map408psu/status/404800504385269760 First of all, whose brilliant idea was it to invite liberal senior citizen Bill Maher to present pop star Rihanna with her already ill-conceived “Icon Award?’ http://twitter.com/#!/PeterHoare/status/404800824649740288 So many mysteries… http://twitter.com/#!/JD1871/status/404800792684527616 Hardcore atheist Maher must have had an aneurysm when Rihanna’s mom, Monica Fenty, thanked “God almighty through Jesus”[…]

Kentucky Fans riot after NCAA win

http://twitter.com/#!/sbnation/status/186271413261434880 Same old, same old: Kentucky fans riot after beating Louisville in the Final Four because that's totally the reasonable thing to do. http://t.co/C8XRx58N — Awful Announcing (@awfulannouncing) April 1, 2012 #Kentucky fans pepper sprayed for riot celebration… Par for the course… #SMH — Brittany Kirby (@bnhollows) April 1, 2012[…]

Bashar Fudd? Could Assad’s creepy voice be a game changer? [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/Dexter9173/status/377262539606089728 It’s not just you. Bashar al-Assad’s lipless lisp? Twitter is on it. http://twitter.com/#!/lybr3/status/377188175585611776 Gas attacks in Syria? The U.S. sticking a fork in Assad’s Cheerios? Yes, yes. But like Obama, the Twitterverse has priorities: http://twitter.com/#!/toddschnitt/status/377054198828765185 http://twitter.com/#!/freddoso/status/377143753221230592 http://twitter.com/#!/Sarah310/status/377321504762900480 http://twitter.com/#!/mdelf271/status/377041015263076353 http://twitter.com/#!/LilithNOT17/status/377130948522819584 http://twitter.com/#!/MattWeinhold/status/377296605155573760 True story: http://twitter.com/#!/AndRichards/status/377426947891920896 But is Assad’s voice a game changer?[…]