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‘Wonder why MSNBC’s ratings are tanking’? Just ask anti-Israel Joy Reid [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/bradcundiff/status/497041192593678336 Inquiring minds want to know, and after watching stuff like this, we don’t blame them: http://twitter.com/#!/redsteeze/status/497038244870365184 On Monday’s “Reid Report,” host Joy Reid delivered a monologue musing about how “the UN is clearly not working.” Case-in-point: The UN hasn’t stopped Israel from carrying out “100 9/11’s” on Palestinian civilians. No, really: Transcript: http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/497038467621474304[…]

Benghazi apologist Wasserman-Schultz claims ‘false’ isn’t ‘wrong,’ pushes Piers Morgan over the edge

http://twitter.com/#!/PounderFile/status/256201362705117185 A few years from now, when people ask themselves”wasn’t there a DNC chairman named Wasserman-something” they’ll remember this interview as one of her most embarrassing. It’s probably not as good as lying about the Israeli Ambassador, or looking silly on Anderson Cooper, or being named the “least effective surrogate,”[…]

Dick Durbin gets schooled on imminent threats during #StandWithRand debate

http://twitter.com/#!/redsteeze/status/309528600934232065 Illinois Dem Dick Durbin joined the filibuster last night and Twitter users say he brought along a binder full of fallacies. Dick Durbin is using strawman after strawman, dodging the issues. Rand Paul parrying well. #StandWithRand — Zaid Jilani (@ZaidJilani) March 7, 2013 School is in session, Sen. Durbin.[…]

Whoops! Did Jay Carney just confirm that the media are lapdogs for Obama? [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/myoung200/status/456800542967476224 True story. This morning, Major Garrett interviewed the press secretary at George Washington University. That’s when Carney shared this little nugget: http://twitter.com/#!/Hadas_Gold/status/456799977239375874 See for yourself (starts around the 20:50 mark): Transcript: I think if you look back at 2012 and the series of interviews the President of the United States gave, probably[…]

Juan Williams calls himself a libertarian; Hilarity ensues

http://twitter.com/#!/FoundingFodder/status/411939817505574912 Priceless indeed. Who knew that liberal Fox News analyst Juan Williams considered himself a libertarian? Witness it for yourself on this clip from today’s episode of “Cashin’ In,” courtesy of Right Sightings. You’ll have to skip forward to 14:45, but then let it play for another 30 seconds or[…]

You Knew Dogs Were Loyal, But This Loyal?

And they say cats and dogs don’t get along.  Raina, a female Rhodesian ridgeback puppy, showed her dedication to her perhaps unlikely best friend, a male cheetah cub named Ruuxa, when Ruuxa underwent surgery on his legs. Raina waits anxiously as her friend, Ruuxa the cheetah, undergoes surgery on his legs. San[…]

You’ll Be Amazed To See What The Sun Really Looks Like

The sun. It gives us life, it gives us essential vitamins that we need to survive, and it even helps us generate clean energy. Even though it is the only thing that allowed life develop on Earth, and the only thing that keeps us alive to this day, most people[…]