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Weak Wi-Fi Signal In Your House? Use Aluminum Cans To Boost It!

One of the most frustrating things about having Wi-Fi in your house is that the signal strength can never be trusted. Sit on the couch and it’s super fast…but take two steps to the left? Somehow, you’ve entered a dead zone. Even if you have the most high-end router, chances[…]

Grab the popcorn: O’Keefe teases hidden camera footage of Piers Morgan; Updated

http://twitter.com/#!/JamesOKeefeIII/status/318766209069895680 Hoo boy. @jamesokeefeiii aww please don’t let that be an April Fools joke! — MK (@KellerMarilyn) April 1, 2013 We’ll find out soon enough. Oh, snap RT @benhowe: Ruh-roh. @piersmorgan RT @jamesokeefeiii: Our hidden cameras tracked down some guy named Piers Morgan. Video tomorrow. — Tim Wells (@RightWingNerd) April[…]

When Students Are Told That They’re Beautiful, Something Amazing Happens

Shea Glover is an 18-year-old filmmaker who is now living in New York City, specializing in candid, experimental projects. Her most popular short was made when she turned the camera on her fellow students. The project is simple — each student is told that they are going to be photographed[…]

VIDEO: Mitt Romney falls for empty-room April Fools’ gag

http://twitter.com/#!/dgjackson/status/186576828910149633 Mitt Romney’s staff, with help from Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), played a little practical joke on Mitt Romney today at a campaign stop in Milwaukee, WI. Here’s the setup. Romney thought he was going to speak before an enthusiastic crowd after introductions by Ryan[…]

‘Sound crazy to you?’ Goldie Taylor’s take on Ferguson is something to behold [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/NoahCRothman/status/502525552579051520 This … is MSNBC. On this afternoon’s edition of “The Reid Report,” they zeroed in on the big issue in Ferguson: http://twitter.com/#!/NoahCRothman/status/502524729946030080 Apparently voter suppression has run amok. http://twitter.com/#!/NoahCRothman/status/502524993054715906 Eh, who needs evidence when you have MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor? http://twitter.com/#!/NoahCRothman/status/502525173363638272 Let’s go to the videotape: Transcript: http://twitter.com/#!/NoahCRothman/status/502525308873211904 Wait[…]

The BYU Noteworthy Ladies Put On An Impressive Performance In The Middle Of The Woods

A cappella groups are becoming more popular thanks to movies, television, and easily accessible online videos. Truly marvelous vocal artists are getting exposure they otherwise wouldn’t have — and we are grateful for it. Take, for instance, Noteworthy of BYU. This recent a cappella group is all-female…and all-amazing. They sound[…]

When This Wolf Walks Up To A Man, Something Incredible Happens

Wolves are known for being tough, aggressive creatures. They roam the woods like they’re the kings and queens of the forest. You never really think about how these hearty creatures might sometimes need help, too. Cruel people mistreat them just the same as they, unfortunately, do to other animals. These[…]

Heroic Russian Firefighters Brings A Kitty Back To Life After A House Fire

Firefighters all over the world are known for saving cats stuck in trees. One kitty in Russia however, needed a much more dramatic rescue than that. The poor cat became trapped during a house fire and needed urgent treatment to counter the effects of smoke inhalation. That’s when quick-thinking firefighters[…]