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#FreeCoryBooker: Live coverage of the Cory Booker hostage crisis

http://twitter.com/#!/jimgeraghty/status/204561698227617792 If you enjoyed a blissfully politics-free day Sunday, you missed Newark Mayor Cory Booker call Team Obama’s attacks on Bain Capital and private equity firms “crap.”  The rare moment of honesty from an Obama surrogate won points with many on the Right and attracted bile from the Left. With[…]

WH on Obama’s declaration that he lost Egypt; ‘Ally is legal term of art’

http://twitter.com/#!/dcseth/status/246302116325494784 As Twitchy reported, President Smart Diplomacy went on Telemundo last night and unilaterally declared that Egypt is not an ally. Who lost Egypt? Obama did. Remember that time Romney mildly criticized an ally & MSM absolutely lost their shit? Obama just terminated an actual alliance. #crickets — Cuffé (@CuffyMeh)[…]

These Firefighters And Wildlife Workers Go Above And Beyond To Save A Koala.

Apparently, Australians take their koalas very seriously. And who can blame them? The eucalyptus-chomping marsupials are so darn cute. When Melbourne firefighters were alerted to an injured koala stuck in a tree, they didn’t waste a moment coming to its aid. Nicknamed “Sir Chompsalot” by his rescuers, the fluffy herbivore was able[…]

43 years ago today: Commemorating the moon landing

http://twitter.com/#!/NASAhistory/status/226380694757179392 July 20 will go down as a dark day in our country’s history. But particularly in the midst of trying times, it’s important to remember the qualities that make America exceptional. This country has achieved so much in its relatively short life, and America’s leadership in space exploration is[…]

? ‘Teen Wolf’ actor Linden Ashby shocked

http://twitter.com/#!/ScorpionGoddes7/status/516733946256969728 Yesterday, TruthRevolt.org’s Caleb Howe reported on a statement from alleged Oklahoma beheader Alton Nolen‘s mother. According to her, “there’s two sides to every story.” That claim just didn’t fly with actor Linden Ashby: On CNN Alton Nolen's mother (the Oklahoma man who beheaded a coworker) said "There are two sides[…]

Tornadoes destroy Michigan homes, create disaster

http://twitter.com/#!/detnews/status/180453121166802946 Reported tornadoes are taking place in Michigan tonight, destroying multiple homes and areas throughout the state. Here’s a round up of photos and news throughout the Twittersphere. Twitchy will continue to monitor the situation and update this post accordingly, with new posts being added at the top. Just last[…]

You’ll Be Ready For An Adorable Valentine’s Day After You Watch This

With Valentine’s Day upon us, it’s hard not to get into the spirit of love. Whether or not you’ll have that special someone by your side when the big day rolls around, you can still get in on the action. Valentine’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to tell everyone[…]

So this happened: Newt Gingrich endorses Gavin Newsom’s book at CPAC

http://twitter.com/#!/glenasbury/status/312923949682024449 Newt plugs Gavin Newsom’s book, “Citizenville.” Yes, that Gavin Newsom. — Brian Hughes (@BrianHughesDC) March 16, 2013 On Saturday morning, Newt Gingrich, ever the professor, assigned some reading to the CPAC audience: “Citizenville” by lefty California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. Um. Newt recommends all conservatives read the new book[…]