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Chill alert: Newly elected Egyptian president threatens to take over Israel; Update: Allen West calls on US to cut aid; Update: Correction: Speaker was cleric, not Morsi

http://twitter.com/#!/manderle16/status/216765900114767873 That did not take long. As soon as the Muslim Brotherhood candidate was officially pronounced the president of Egypt, he began to boast about how the movement should be located in Jerusalem. RT @HeyTammyBruce: A message from the new 'moderate' Muslim Bhood prez of Egypt: They're gonna take over[…]

This Deep-Sea Fish Is Equal Parts Freaky And Awesome

The oceans of planet Earth contain a diversity of life that’s hard to fathom. But one thing is for certain: just when you thought that life in the ocean couldn’t get any weirder, it gets a whole lot more ridiculous. A perfect example of this is the barreleye fish. Feast[…]

Miss California asked about euthanasia: ‘That’s a vaccine, right?’

http://twitter.com/#!/stemahburr/status/290276784258293760 https://twitter.com/KosowskiNicole/status/290318270416957440 Oh, dear. Interviewing pageant contestants never fails to bring controversy, hilarity, and buzz. Tonight’s Miss America pageant delivered. While the eventual winner, Miss New York, pleased judges with her politically correct answer on guns, Miss California Leah Cecil had Americans shaking their heads when she responded to a[…]

When You Put The Wrong Batteries In A Talking Toy, Things Can Get Really Creepy

Making sure you have the right batteries for your devices is just common sense. Using the wrong batteries can easily damage things, especially if they’re too powerful for the gadget in question (I learned this the hard way). Using less powerful batteries, while not necessarily destructive, can lead to equally[…]