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Smackdown: Katie Pavlich gives Mo Elleithee ‘honest conversation’ on guns

http://twitter.com/#!/TomRosengren/status/311658505138487297 For months, liberals have insisted they don’t want to ban guns or take away anyone’s firearms; they just want to have a “conversation” on guns and gun violence. “Pass this gun control law” has been the bulk of the Democrats’ side of the conversation, with the “proper” Republican response[…]

Libs mock Romney for same VP intro gaffe Obama made four years ago

http://twitter.com/#!/PaulBegala/status/234280469594787840 Oh noes! Mitt Romney had a minor gaffe while debuting Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. Stop the presses! Did Romney just welcome Paul Ryan "the next President of the United States?" #Freudianslip! — Michael Eric Dyson (@MichaelEDyson) August 11, 2012 Mitt Romney introduces Paul Ryan as[…]

After 3 Weeks Away, She Returned Home To Her Horse This Reaction Is Priceless

Who said dogs are man’s best friend? Judging from this heartwarming reunion, I’d say that horses are giving pups a run for their money. This woman was abroad for three weeks. When she returned home to her horse, the interaction between these two will absolutely melt you. Move over, dogs.[…]

to get birth control

http://twitter.com/#!/kiradavis422/status/264460962000691200 Hey, Lady Parts Brigade, think the government needs to supply your birth control? Try thinking with your lady smarts. Paging all femme-a-gogues: Hey @sandrafluke —> How To Get Birth Control: youtu.be/sgBYLViGDAE #tcot #p2 #waronwomen — GayPatriot (@GayPatriot) November 2, 2012 How to get birth control! cc: @sandrafluke @elizabethforma @dwstweets #p2youtube.com/watch?v=sgBYLV…[…]

Mark Hannah: No, you can’t keep your crummy insurance plan, suckers

http://twitter.com/#!/KillerEagle1/status/392464296073900032 If you like your current insurance plan, you can keep it, right? President Obama’s promise has now been exposed as “never possible to keep” and “never a reasonable promise,” but no hard feelings. Business Insider’s Josh Barro explained earlier today that there are plenty of crappy plans you shouldn’t be[…]

Stranded Baby Swans Washed Away Down A Waterfall Receive Some Much-Needed Help

Simon and his fellow animal rescuers from the Wildlife Aid Foundation received a call about three cygnets that had been washed down a waterfall away from their parents. When they arrived at the scene, they realized that time was rapidly running out as the baby swans were quickly losing energy[…]

This Terrifying Scam Is Sweeping The Nation, And We’d Probably All Fall For It

Across the country, criminals are sneaking into people’s homes by posing as utility workers that we all implicitly trust. They approach people to tell them that their bills are overdue and then ask homeowners for money. In some cases, these encounters have turned violent. It’s terrifying because this could happen[…]

16 Adorable Kids Slaying It On The Dance Floor

I’ve been known to bust a move on the dance floor… And while I’m no master shaker, I do have one or two signature dips and twists. But if it ever came down to a dance battle between me and any of these adorable kids…I think we all know who’d[…]