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He Just High-Fived A Little Boy…Now Watch What Happens A Few Seconds Later

When seven-year-old tap dancing prodigy Luke Spring walked onto the stage at the D.C. Tap Festival back in 2011 with professional tap dancer Justin M. Lewis, the audience didn’t know what to expect. Mr. Lewis was popular on the scene, but nobody had ever seen little Luke take the stage[…]

Easiest task ever: turning Obama’s ‘cool’ into a liability

http://twitter.com/#!/jaketapper/status/195827857879080961 Trying to turn Obama’s “cool” into a liability? Do or do not. There is no try. Done! Also, Obama ate a dog. Oh, wait, did Tapper actually mean Obama has some cool? Since “cool” was in quotes, we thought he was being sarcastic. It’s likely Tapper was referring to[…]

My Inner Child Is In Love With This Oversized Treehouse Mansion. Wow…

If you’re not jealous of this Cody, Wyoming mansion, your inner child surely is. This incredible cabin had simple beginnings but over time it transformed into one of the coolest houses you’ll find in America. If I end up never living in a house like this, my life will be a waste. Because,[…]

The Adorably Hilarious Children’s Guide To Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

Remember when you’d try to help your parents in the kitchen when the holidays rolled around? Cooking looked like even more fun when we were little! We just wanted in on it! Also, we could score sneaky bites of the food while our parents were working, which was a plus.[…]

This 1,500-Pound Ox Loves To Be Snuggled, But His Story Might Make You Cry

Most people are under the impression that farm animals aren’t as cuddly or emotional as our house pets. But those who work and volunteer on farms know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Take Bhima. He’s a 1,500-pound ox who was rescued by SASHA Farm. Each animal at the[…]

He Left His Car Parked On The Street Over The Weekend And It Was Taken Over…

Nature is an unendingly complex machine that drives everything on this planet. Just when we think we have part of it figured out, something new is discovered and it changes everything. Other times, nature can be just downright weird. Take, for example, what happened to this poor car parked on[…]

Gov. Rick Perry refers to gun ownership as ‘states’ rights’ issue

http://twitter.com/#!/tse2935/status/235118869285597184 Gun control advocates were quick to call for a clampdown on firearms following news of a shooting near the campus of Texas A&M University today. Speaking with Fox News soon after news of the shooting broke, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, sitting alongside Florida Gov. Rick Scott, seemed to suggest that gun ownership[…]