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When He Blew The Game, These Soccer Hooligans Reacted In A Surprisingly Kind Way

Soccer fans are known for being some of the most fanatical people in the world. They cause monumental riots and fights…and that’s if they win. Their fandom is ravenous, unforgiving…some might even describe it as over-the-top. But when this 18-year-old player blew the game for his team, the fans didn’t[…]

Beliebers demand ‘Boyfriend’ video

http://twitter.com/#!/AimzRiley27/status/186062668493365248 The teeny boppers are at it again with the Bieber fever. After Justin Bieber released a 20 second tease of what his new music video for “Boyfriend” would resemble, it’s causing fans around the globe to lose control. We Want Boyfriend Video. WE WANT SEX TO OUR EYES AND[…]

Rep. King: Legal obligation to punish reporters who leak classified info

http://twitter.com/#!/ggreenwald/status/344628036068593664 Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) appeared on CNN tonight with Anderson Cooper, and his comments about prosecuting journalists who leak classified material caught the attention of a certain Glenn Greenwald, who on Tuesday teased that The Guardian intends to “pursue every last one” of dozens of stories generated by the leak[…]

He Somehow Got A Brown Recluse And A Black Widow To Hang Out On His Finger

Common sense is something that most of us have in abundance, especially when it comes to spiders and how we should behave around them. Personally, I like to run away screaming with my arms flailing, but that’s just me. Other people, such as YouTuber Quaoar Power, go about situations like[…]

Greg Gutfeld calls Twitchy ‘the most interesting thing I’ve seen happen’

http://twitter.com/#!/JedediahBila/status/319925860176101377 After witnessing his epic evisceration of “odious twerp” and gun rights hypocrite Jim Carrey, we knew we didn’t want to be on Greg Gutfeld’s bad side. It’s a relief, then, to know that Twitchy is on the Fox News host’s good side. We can’t argue with his assertion that[…]