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This Cruise Was No Paradise Once The Ship Hit Rough Waters

To some, relaxing on a cruise ship is the perfect way to spend a vacation, but as a guy who gets horribly seasick and is insanely afraid of drowning, it sounds like a nightmare. Don’t agree with me? Watch this security footage from a Pacific Sun ship that was steered[…]

Romney ad blasts Obama’s plan for a Secretary of Business; Chuck Todd spins

http://twitter.com/#!/chucktodd/status/263980132786634752 Rumor is now NewSpeak for “anything stupid that President Obama says.” You see, President Obama’s super awesome plan includes creating a Secretary of Business. Because, you know, not enough bureaucracy is the problem. And silly rubes don’t understand the nuance-y nuance between a Secretary of Business and Secretary of[…]

The Reason He’s Slathering Toothpaste On A Wooden Chair Is Genius

Wood stains and scratches are annoying things to fix. Unless you have time to sand and re-stain your floor or furniture, those imperfections will remain for years . …however, if you use some clever DIY tricks, you can make them less noticeable. Walnuts are great at fixing superficial surface scratches.[…]

Wrong: Obama again proclaims health care to be a ‘right’

http://twitter.com/#!/WhiteHouse/status/383243977706586112 President Obama escaped the Beltway by a few thousand feet today and gave a speech during which he again proclaimed health care to be a “right,” and did so multiple times: http://twitter.com/#!/AndrewE_Johnson/status/383244061412720640 How many other “rights” involve government mandates that contain penalties for not exercising them? http://twitter.com/#!/charlescwcooke/status/383244542930993153 http://twitter.com/#!/charlescwcooke/status/383245142175395841 But[…]

Chris Christie: ‘I’m the definition of sexy.’; Lefty bullies: You’re just fat

http://twitter.com/#!/GStephanopoulos/status/223456937394708480 When it comes to being honest with the public about himself, Christie has never pulled any punches. The subject of his sexiness is no exception. .@GStephanopoulos Are you kidding, I’m the definition of sexy. http://t.co/C7fGjTdw — Governor Christie (@GovChristie) July 12, 2012 We know he’s too sexy for the[…]

Bully: MSNBC’s Tamron Hall lets bias show, bullies reporter

http://twitter.com/#!/TPCarney/status/201024100091703298 The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney appeared on MSNBC with anchor Tamron Hall today and then this happened. So @tamronhall, trying to talk about Mitt Romney's 50-year-old bullying kicked me off her show for saying the topic doesn't matter. — Timothy P Carney (@TPCarney) May 11, 2012 But, wait. The[…]