To some, relaxing on a cruise ship is the perfect way to spend a vacation, but as a guy who

CONTINUE READING!/chucktodd/status/263980132786634752 Rumor is now NewSpeak for “anything stupid that President Obama says.” You see, President Obama’s super awesome plan includes


Wood stains and scratches are annoying things to fix. Unless you have time to sand and re-stain your floor or


We could sit and argue back and forth all day about justifiable uses of firearms, but we can probably all

CONTINUE READING!/WhiteHouse/status/383243977706586112 President Obama escaped the Beltway by a few thousand feet today and gave a speech during which he again

CONTINUE READING!/GStephanopoulos/status/223456937394708480 When it comes to being honest with the public about himself, Christie has never pulled any punches. The subject

CONTINUE READING!/TPCarney/status/201024100091703298 The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney appeared on MSNBC with anchor Tamron Hall today and then this happened. So @tamronhall,