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What The Mars Rover Just Discovered Looks A Heck Of A Lot Like An Alien Skull

Mars is an amazing planet that I one day hope to visit. When I get there, I only imagine I’ll be greeted by a plethora of alien lifeforms and artifacts hidden among the planet’s sands. Or, at least, that’s according to eagle-eyed paranormal enthusiasts who comb through pictures of the[…]

This Amazing Cake Changes Colors As You Turn It…And I Want It!

Not unlike the 24-hour worldwide controversy over whether the dress was blue or gold, today we bring you a cake that has an even weirder secret. First posted online by a Reddit user named Sippingin, this mind-bending creation has caused an uproar as bakers, scientists, and trolls alike debate about[…]

Happy birthday, Milton Friedman! Free market warriors remember their hero

http://twitter.com/#!/ifal78/status/362596151066767360 The late Dr. Friedman would have been 101 years old today, and free marketeers are paying their respects: http://twitter.com/#!/Heritage/status/362595958707589121 http://twitter.com/#!/lukecanningmba/status/362591817461538816 https://twitter.com/ManhattanInst/status/362599982555078656 http://twitter.com/#!/TheIgnorantLeft/status/362604552463192064 http://twitter.com/#!/Gabby_Hoffman/status/362583428396363779 http://twitter.com/#!/Abbzy_123/status/362607573498740737 http://twitter.com/#!/KirbyCenter/status/362575905115226112 http://twitter.com/#!/Liberty_Czar/status/362598850256576514 http://twitter.com/#!/King_StephenIV/status/362607092521119744 Though Friedman passed away in 2006, he left a profound legacy: http://twitter.com/#!/michellemalkin/status/362596952497598464 Here’s just a taste of the wisdom he imparted to[…]

Volunteers Are Recycling Old Plastic Bags To Make Sleeping Mats For The Homeless

As the winter weather becomes more frigid each day, homeless shelters across the country prepare themselves for their busiest time of year. Facilities quickly fill to capacity with those in need seeking protection and warmth. Unfortunately, that can mean more people under their roofs than beds, leaving many with only[…]

Video: Kevin Durant and James Harden take Kate Upton to work

http://twitter.com/#!/KateUpton/status/197350897897046017 We’re sure it was probably among the best workdays ever for Oklahoma City Thunder stars Kevin Durant and James Harden. Maybe not the most productive, but definitely the most memorable! Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/05/01/video-kevin-durant-and-james-harden-take-kate-upton-to-work/

Prepare Yourself — When These 5 Carolers Begin To Sing, You’ll Get The Chills

Every Christmas, you can count on three things: cookies, presents, and holiday songs. Of the three, though, the seasonal hymns never seem to lose their luster as we get older, especially when sung by talented carolers. If you’re familiar with the group Pentatonix, you know that their renditions of these[…]

In Just A Few Seconds, What This Painter Does Is Going To Blow Your Mind.

When you hear “speed painting” you think of those super weird pieces in museums that your toddler could do. Well… this is NOT THAT. Instead, this modern day artist/wizard spends less than two minutes making something incredibly incomprehensible…. until the very end. But once you see it….WHOA. Seriously, you want to[…]

She Stepped Into A Green Field And Performed A Herding Call That Will Leave You Stunned

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); Since the ancient days of the Vikings, a traditional Swedish herding call known as kulning has been a staple of the country’s culture (much like Ikea meatballs). The breathtaking song, usually performed by women, was used in the olden days to call livestock down from the[…]