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Video of Apache helicopter crash in Afghanistan

http://twitter.com/#!/6abc/status/182679775754723328 More from military.com: AH-64 Apache helicopter crash in Sharana, Afghanistan. The pilot was executing a maneuver known as “return to target”. No one on the ground was killed and both pilots survived. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/03/22/video-of-apache-helicopter-crash-in-afghanistan-from-february/

He Covered His Floor In WD-40 And It Proved To Be Amazingly Helpful

WD-40 is traditionally used for fixing squeaky doors or greasing up bearings to make them run smoother, but the wonderful liquid can be utilized in a variety of ways — not just in the garage! From cleaning floors to shining your laptop, here are some of the best uses for[…]

Obama says cynicism is popular; Ace of Spades gives hope a chance

http://twitter.com/#!/MattWolking/status/482261154891579392 Following even more whining about “phony scandals,” President Obama concluded a town hall in Minneapolis Thursday by proclaiming the idea that “cynicism is popular these days, but hope’s better.” Ace of Spades probably doesn’t even have one of those fading “Hope” posters in his folks’ basement, but he decided to give hope a chance[…]

Overlooked Staten Island pleads for help, slams Red Cross response

http://twitter.com/#!/JeremyLukeTurbo/status/264158446595760128 Staten Island borough president James Molinaro’s angry and impassioned press conference earlier today seems to have drawn attention to the plight of the borough’s citizens. Molinaro appeared live on “Anderson Cooper 360″ Thursday night to continue to plead for help for Staten Island. @andersoncooper @ac360 Staten Island is now[…]

‘Facts are stubborn things’: Dinesh D’Souza debates Bill Ayers [video]

.@JedediahBila @DineshDSouza Is it me or is Ayers just an old hippie spewing a lot of misinformation#tcot — Dinca (@dinca1955) July 3, 2014 Megyn Kelly had Bill Ayers on “The Kelly File” again tonight—this time with “America” filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. https://twitter.com/KatiePavlich/status/484506005879787520 https://twitter.com/JedediahBila/status/484505940603854851 https://twitter.com/jack_tragic/status/484506788520148992 https://twitter.com/stevewest222/status/484506203699941376 https://twitter.com/Tedgforce/status/484508972456480769 He’ll blow another one.  […]

What Happened To This Guy On A Lake In Wisconsin Made Him Look Like A Wizard

If you head up to Lake Monona near Madison, Wisconsin, you might finally be able to have those magical powers you’ve always wanted (or you can at least pretend, anyway). Who wouldn’t want to be able to shoot lightning out of their fingertips? No one, that’s who. The phenomenon known[…]

These 15 Kids Are Absolutely Way Too Cool For School

When I was a little tot, I was pretty weird. I’d hide in cupboards and cling to my mom’s pant leg whenever I went anywhere new or met anyone for the first time. I definitely wasn’t one of those confident cool kids. Then again, even the children I aspired to[…]

Bette Midler calls for military downsizing, cuts to defense spending

http://twitter.com/#!/BetteMidler/status/243765152703467520 Like countless others, The Divine Miss M. was utterly captivated by Bill Clinton’s speech last night at the DNC. "What works in the REAL WORLD is CO-OPERATION!! Simple, reasonable, fundamental. Thank you, @billclinton don't stop believing.. — Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) September 6, 2012 I kinda love these conventions..conventional, but[…]