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Obama: Trust government or ‘we’re gonna have some problems’

http://twitter.com/#!/philipaklein/status/343040853444538370 And how. After the president finished his futile attempt to extol the virtues of Obamacare in California, he graciously took one question from a reporter totally selected at random: http://twitter.com/#!/BeachwoodReport/status/343038682732834818 http://twitter.com/#!/CampoGroup/status/343038367736401921 How convenient. After asserting that the government isn’t listening in on phone calls: http://twitter.com/#!/ZekeJMiller/status/343038621772816384 He was able to[…]

Classy: Lefty eco-zealots mount ‘Exxon Hates Your Children’ campaign

http://twitter.com/#!/Chuck_n_FL/status/276361430742233088 Liberal groups Oil Change International and The Other 98% are out with a tasteful new campaign, “Exxon Hates Your Children.” Fun for the whole family! We’d expect nothing less from the radical Left. Exxon hates your children youtube.com/watch?v=uXV6FW… Obama has a choice Big Oil or us. #denykxl — janekleeb (@janekleeb) December[…]

Dana Loesch smacks down Code Pink protestor at Romney’s acceptance speech

http://twitter.com/#!/joelpollak/status/241365577741004800 A Code Pink demonstrator had to go undercover — that is, not dress up like a vagina — in her attempt to disrupt Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech at the RNC Thursday night. After being escorted out by security, though, the Code Pink member had her life disrupted by Breitbart.com’s Dana[…]

Wolf Blitzer: Dennis Rodman’s North Korea visit is a ‘diplomatic triumph’

http://twitter.com/#!/NolteNC/status/307233793545232385 Wasn’t joking about Wolf Blitzer declaring Rodman’s North Korea visit a “diplomatic triumph.” He said it & didn’t sound like a joke. — John Nolte(@NolteNC) February 28, 2013 Uh-oh … looks like Wolf is blitzed again! You have got to be kidding RT @noltenc: Wolf Blitzer just called Rodman’s[…]

What He Tried To Do To A 13-Year-Old In Broad Daylight Is Terrifying

In both 2014 and 2015, more than 460,000 children were reported missing. That means in just two years, nearly 1 million kids disappeared. While many cases are solved and some families are reunited, others aren’t so lucky. For one Florida mom, her quick acting prevented her daughter from being part[…]

Anti-tank missile fired at IDF patrol near Gaza; IDF strikes back

http://twitter.com/#!/avimayer/status/267355044029009920 According to AP , this round of violence began when Palestinians opened fire on IDF forces earlier today: GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Palestinian militants fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli jeep patrolling the border with Gaza and the Israelis fired back into the Palestinian territory, killing four civilians,[…]

Sgt. Dennis Weichel comes home. RIP.

http://twitter.com/#!/aurich109/status/186309908923297792 Twitter and Twitchy remembered him. Now he has come home. Sgt. Dennis Weichel-sergeant who gave life to save Afghan child (This is NSN) http://t.co/Yi3m58bu #SOT via @TheMajPain — Mark Juelich (@markjuelich) March 31, 2012 Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/04/01/sgt-dennis-weichel-comes-home/