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If We Don’t Learn From These Horrific Mistakes, Humanity Is Doomed To Repeat Them

Throughout history, humans have done some terrible things. Genocides and massacres are among the most horrifying. The histories of war-torn nations run by heinous dictators are often marred by pain and tragedy. While we hope that people will eventually get it together, similar tragedies happen around the world to this[…]

She Was On Medication After Oral Surgery, So Her Brothers Decided To Prank Her

Most people know that the first few hours after surgery are usually a little…well…foggy. After all, waking up from anaesthesia and taking pain pills for a few days thereafter is enough to make anyone loopy. And that’s why these two brothers decided to play a prank on their sister who[…]

Jason Alexander wants to ‘discuss’ what guns you can own [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/IJasonAlexander/status/504707993766612992 The “Seinfeld” actor is referring to an interview he had earlier this year with Larry King where he talked about gun control and campaigning for Barack Obama. Alexander told King: “What I’m advocating is a realistic conversation about what weapons should be in the hands of non-military or non-police people”[…]

This Parenting Hack Is Super Simple (And Probably The Cutest Thing Ever)

Every parent who lives somewhere cold can empathize with the terrible annoyance of taking a child’s boots off. The second they get in the door, the boots need to come off before your kid tracks snow and dirt into the house. Yanking them off their feet is a seriously irritating[…]

His Proposal Was Going According To Plan. But Then He Pulled Out The Ring Box…

Greg Nottingham had planned a very special day for his girlfriend of five years, Sax Brinkley. He’d organized a picnic for them at a scenic spot in Utah, but the riverside date wasn’t the only surprise Nottingham had in his pocket…or so he thought! While the couple enjoyed their afternoon[…]

Insomniacs Rejoice — Caffeinated Toothpaste Is Now A Thing

If you’re anything like me and you suffer from chronic insomnia, you probably feel like coffee and tea are the elixirs of the gods. They taste great, they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and they help you feel like you’re still among the living. But what about[…]

Video: Baron Davis blows out knee, will miss 12 months

http://twitter.com/#!/alanhahn/status/199609303554994176 After suffering the injury shown in the video above, New York Knicks point guard Baron Davis is expected to miss at least 12 months. An MRI revealed on Monday that the star suffered a partial tear of patella tendon and complete tears of ACL and MCL. At 33-years-old, one[…]

This Little Koala Joey Is Pretty Much The Cutest Thing To Grace This Green Earth

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Okay, people — if you love ridiculously cute animals as much as I do, you’re going to want to check this out. Some of you may remember our tiny koala friend Imogen from her first photo shoot. Well, you’re in for a huge treat because she[…]

Matthew Yglesias: Cops in Ferguson are itching for a huge riot

http://twitter.com/#!/chrisregniertv/status/501688048355409921 The police in Ferguson, Mo., have shown remarkable restraint during the past week. If anything, they have shown too much restraint. Remember, this is what they are up against: And this: http://twitter.com/#!/davidjohns11/status/501631650145796096 And this: http://twitter.com/#!/stlcountypd/status/501628755836559360 And this, this, this, and this. Meanwhile, the Left’s anti-cop narrative is falling apart as the truth about Michael Brown and the[…]

Steven Crowder ‘redistributes’ Halloween, teaches kids Obamanomics

http://twitter.com/#!/BillLuMaye/status/263646209124741120 Comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder has done it again! Now with more candy. Must watch! “HIDDEN CAMERA PRANK! Happy Halloween, Obama-Style!” Trick Or Treat ‘era reactions are priceless! ow.ly/eUnQE — Steven Crowder (@scrowder) October 31, 2012 He tries to tell children, “you didn’t trick or treat that.[…]