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Ted Cruz considers keeping his Winston Churchill ‘tattoo’ [pics, video]

http://twitter.com/#!/MistressOfSham/status/451018814696603648 You thought those posters of Sen. Cruz in Beverly Hills were badass? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! This morning on “FOX & Friends,” the Texas senator rolled up his sleeve to reveal some really sweet ink: http://twitter.com/#!/tedcruz/status/450976540772544512 Sen. Cruz admitted that his tat is just for April Fools’ Day, but maybe that doesn’t[…]

Hankygate! Lefty media, Twitterers spread Romney cheat sheet conspiracy

http://twitter.com/#!/cwcook1000/status/254159218028994560 BREAKING: WOW! Did Romney bring cheat notes into the debate? – Democratic Underground http://t.co/7U315oIv // #YESHEDID! — liberalease (@liberalease) October 4, 2012 Well, it was inevitable. Lefties have spent the last two days twisting themselves in intellectual knots trying to explain their Dear Leader’s miserable debate performance. Their excuses[…]

Kim Kardashian returns from Bahrain, gushes some more

http://twitter.com/#!/KimKardashian/status/275355976767528960 She’s baaaack. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian landed back in Miami this weekend after a controversial jaunt to the kingdom of Bahrain. Although she deleted a few of her gushing tweets about the oppressive nation, as Twitchy reported yesterday, Kardashian remained unrepentant about the junket. Tonight, shared “wonderful highlights”[…]

When 2 Dogs Began A Howling Battle, This Baby Couldn’t Resist Joining Right In

Having dogs and babies under the same roof can be an adorably awesome time. Although, sometimes, it can get a bit overwhelming. Take these three troublemakers, for instance. The two Labradors love getting into howling battles with each other. But, things get even louder (and much, much cuter) when a[…]

Twisted overture: Feinstein opens gun-grabbing theater with politicized prayer

http://twitter.com/#!/SenFeinstein/status/294477193214566404 Before  Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s pathetic gun-grabbing theater officially got underway, she kicked off the proceedings with a politically charged prayer led by Gary Hall, Dean of the National Cathedral: Feinstein opens presser with a prayer? — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) January 24, 2013 Uh, pardon? Libs are always up in[…]

TPM’s Josh Marshall steps into Candy Crowley lapdog costume; vid of Crowley walk-back

http://twitter.com/#!/joshtpm/status/258417799863611392 Er, Josh, perhaps you need to get up to date on CNN’s most up-to-date admission that President Obama’s “act of terror”/Rose Garden claim wasn’t — to use Anderson Cooper’s words — as “cut and dry” as the spinner-in-chief and his media wing lady made it out to be. Crowley:[…]