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Obama on Mt. Rushmore? Twitter users weigh in; Update: White House petition!/mattyhill96/status/290567684322639873

Kathryn’s confusion is excusable. The way some of Barack Obama’s supporters are talking, it’s just a matter of time.

The response to this idea on Twitter was, shall we say, unenthusiastic.

sharptonobama on mt rushmoreI WOULD LAUGH IF I WERE NOT UPCHUCKING

— Irene R Martin (@irene4959R) January 13, 2013

MSNBC debated on TV whether Obama or Clinton should be the next president put on Mt Rushmore… Reagan deserves 100x over before Obama.

— Grant Jones (@GrantTJones) January 13, 2013

I can’t believe they are even considering putting Obama on Mount Rushmore.

— Tyler Dixon-Cifers (@1Tyler_DC) January 13, 2013

Obama is indeed ready for Mt. Rushmore @zoomzanne @sharethis…

— John Difool (@MCHblazer) January 13, 2013

Perhaps Obama deserves special treatment on the Mountain.

Yes, Sharpton, Obama is ready for Rushmore. Let’s ducktape his bobblehead to a rock on Teddy’s backside. #tcot #tgdn

— Bob (@NarniaDad) January 13, 2013

Then again, maybe another location altogether would be more appropriate:

I think he should be on Mount Spendmore.

— David Welch (@realtyoptimist) January 13, 2013

Sharpton: Is Obama Ready for Mt. Rushmore ← Only if Obama is a big booger hanging from Washington’s nose.

— Castfromheaven (@castfromheaven) January 13, 2013

Only place he deserves is chiseled into the lid of a septic tank Sharpton:Obama Ready for Mt. Rushmore via @sharethis

— Salt (@captainanglin) January 13, 2013

Somewhere, Gutzon Borglum is rolling over in his grave.


It was just a matter of time: A White House petition to “Place the likeness of President Barack Obama on Mount Rushmore.”

Citizens United releases ‘Rocky Mountain Heist’ after legal victory!/DwnTwn55/status/522557624081207297

They had to slug it out in court first (Citizens United, maker of ‘Rocky Mountain Heist,’ wins major victory for political speech) but Citizens United’s newest documentary “Rocky Mountain Heist” has been released. The trailer is available to view online.

Our newest documentary "Rocky Mountain Heist" has finally been released. Get your first look here: #copolitics #tcot

— Citizens United (@Citizens_United) October 15, 2014

From the movie’s website:

If you haven’t heard that once-Red state Colorado is now to the Left of Massachusetts on most issues, you probably haven’t heard the story of the “Gang of Four” – a secretive group of leftist millionaires and billionaires. Together, they orchestrated one of the most successful campaign-funding schemes ever devised in politics.

The result was a never-ending campaign to radically change the culture of a once-reliable Red mountain state. Now, homeless vagrants smoke pot in public parks, war is waged on the state’s energy industry and gun ownership is under assault.

Hosted by yours truly!==>MT @Citizens_United Our new documentary "Rocky Mountain Heist" has finally been released.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 16, 2014

@michellemalkin @Citizens_United if we do not stand against this insanity now, it will become our master. this is very urgent, very sad.

— am (@am77933250) October 16, 2014

@michellemalkin @Citizens_United I like it! Makes me want to see the movie. My Tea Party sense is tingling though, audit inbound.

— TeaPartyFan (@dont_audit_me) October 16, 2014



Federal judge rejects Citizens United effort to air film attacking Democrats

Citizens United, maker of ‘Rocky Mountain Heist,’ wins major victory for political speech




‘You let them die!’ Hillary Clinton heckled about Benghazi [video, pic]!/news4buffalo/status/393174261797748737

Hillary Clinton, speaking at the University of Buffalo, was confronted about Benghazi during her speech.!/EdDrantch4/status/393171834726006785

So far there aren’t any reports that Hillary yelled back “what difference does it make?”!/JerryZremski/status/393172272896176128!/MichaelRCaputo/status/393181608888397825

Update: Here’s video and audio:

(hat tip @jmohan32)


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McCain: ‘Not rational’ to think we’ll defund or repeal Obamacare [video]!/LightmanDavid/status/380801188142129152

Normally we prefer Republicans nicknamed “Maverick” to act a little more mavericky than this.!/JedediahBila/status/380802489974407168!/NumbuhOne/status/380802846251565057

The Senate will certainly never vote down Obamacare as long as Republicans are in the minority (which can be changed), and it’ll certainly never happen as long as some of those Republicans are the Democrats’ best friend.!/Mustng959Welsh/status/380803389124128768

However, McCain’s trying to save the GOP, or something:!/LightmanDavid/status/380801500458397696

Iowahawk summed up the situation as only he can in this tweet from earlier today:!/iowahawkblog/status/380681553136742400


Video of McCain’s appearance on CNN:



Busted but not sorry: John McCain admits playing on iPhone during Syria hearing

Ugh: John McCain invokes Ted Kennedy to sell immigration reform


Teaching fools some basic rules: ‘Mr. T is TICKED’ about disgraceful VA!/luke_sw2/status/471931847752970240

While some in Hollywood are focused on their own “war” injuries from “bloody, dehumanizing” online comments, Mr. T has been one of the few celebs speaking out about the VA’s mistreatment of veterans. He continues to teach fools some basic rules about honoring vets and keeping our promises.!/MrT/status/471449584682950656!/MrT/status/471811933658947585!/MrT/status/471827027541385217

What’s Mr. T’s prediction for anyone who allows the VA’s corrupt bureaucracy to harm American heroes? We’re guessing this:!/conkc2/status/471813349735669760


‘Mr. T gets it’: ‘Professional pitier of fools’ weighs in on the VA scandal

Food Paradise International: Parisian Blue Cheese Burger

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#ScopeBacon: Mouthwash maker delivers delectable April Fools treat!/ScopeMouthwash/status/318441075066953728

Scope is making bacon flavored mouthwash. I’m not sure if I should feel excited or nauseous. #scopebacon

— Trent Sconiers (@trentsconiers) April 1, 2013

Actually, you should just feel punked. Don’t forget the date!

#ScopeBacon has got to be an April Fools’ Joke!!!

— Junior (@_GoogleJr) April 1, 2013

Was shocked by the concept of #scopebacon then I looked at my calendar #AprilFools thank goodness!

— Tricia Hite (@TriciaMicia) April 1, 2013

Ding, ding, ding, ding!

#scopebacon mouthwash is a joke right? As much as I love bacon that would not make for fresh breath.

— Jessica Nguyen (@jessstressless) April 1, 2013

Ding, ding, ding, ding!

P&G’s ‘Bacon Mouthwash’ Sounds Like an April Fool’s Gag #ScopeBacon

— Rich (@GoodmanInc) April 1, 2013

Gee, ya think?

Scope BACON mouthwash? Really tho? REALLY? Cmon….smh.

— Rapsody (@rapsodymusic) April 1, 2013

You demanded it.They delivered #scopebacon

— mwbowler (@mwbowler) April 1, 2013

THIS is how 2 finish Easter after a gr8 dinner & gr8 desserts. Cuz there is NOTHING like #bacon breath! #scopebacon…

— Bob Yanoska (@duvalfan) April 1, 2013

#ScopeBacon No thank you I’m muslim

— Mr.Mo (@MisterMo716) April 1, 2013

Actually, no.

Scope actually made a bacon flavored mouthwash I’m crying #scopebacon

— Meghan(@MeghanWacasey) April 1, 2013

Flashback: In 2004, Obama dismissed creation of 310,000 jobs under Bush!/MaxTwain/status/221321825588748289

Wait, what? Talk about flip-flopping! Back in 2004, then-Senator Obama attacked George W. Bush for creating 310,000. Today, he is boasting about 80,000 jobs being a “step in the right direction.

#Obama economic team member says: 8.2% #unemployment "ok", still harking back to #Bush. Sad. Create jobs, not division!

— Anthony Holm (@AnthonyHolm) July 6, 2012

Of course, he is still blaming President Bush. So, there’s that. To be fair, at least he is consistent in his delusions and blame-gaming.

After the economy added 310,000 jobs in May 2004 and the unemployment rate was 5.6%, Obama attacked it as weak #tcot #tlot @davidaxelrod

— Twain (@MaxTwain) July 6, 2012

5.6% unemployment was attacked as week. What, pray tell, is 8.2% unemployment, then? Answer: “Shut up, racists.”

#Flashback #Obama criticizing Bush's economy during a month which created 310,000 jobs with a 5.6% UE. #LOL!

— Couranto (@Couranto) July 6, 2012

And, let’s go to the audio tape!

Nice job, champ. Now everyone is reminded that you think low unemployment and high job creation numbers are bad. Either that, or you are a hypocritical Liar McLiarPants. Of course, it is probably both.