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These Bovines Act Like Lil’ Puppies After Meeting Their New Herd

Integrating cows into the herd is usually a pretty straightforward task — rather unexciting, even. The animals meet and get along instantly because cows love meeting new friends. So when Panda (the black-and-white bovine in the below video) and Jazzy (the smaller brown one) were let loose to introduce themselves[…]

Must-see: Greg Gutfeld vs. Pat Sajak in magically hilarious snark-spat

http://twitter.com/#!/CatsPolitics/status/380904659998998528 “Wheel of Fortune” host and Twitchy favorite Pat Sajak is taking some heat after a contestant mispronounced “curio” while solving a puzzle and lost out on a chance at $1 million. http://twitter.com/#!/vurhnehsha/status/380966807458181120 Another Twitchy favorite, Greg Gutfeld, had a little something to say about his “close friend” Sajak on[…]

James Rosen: Bergdahl converted to Islam while in captivity

http://twitter.com/#!/JamesRosenFNC/status/474658596408795136 Fox News’ James Rosen is reporting Thursday that Bowe Bergdahl declared himself a “warrior for Islam” and declared jihad while in captivity, documents show. Rosen writes: U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl at one point during his captivity converted to Islam, fraternized openly with his captors and declared himself a “mujahid,” or[…]

When Your Roommate Scares Easily, This Kind Of Stuff Is Bound To Happen

Playing pranks is basically the best, and it can be pretty cathartic if you’re sharing a tiny dorm room with someone who scares easily. A little exploitation in the prank department never hurt anyone, right? (Okay, that’s probably not true, but just go with it.) This guy finds endless amusement[…]

When These Dads Go To Dance Class, They Take It To An Adorable Extreme

It’s time to get your groove back, dads! No more walking around zombie-style, toting screaming babies and looking exhausted. No more worrying about feeding time or changing diapers. It’s time for you to have some fun with these new kiddos in your life. Or at least that is what we’ve[…]

This Dad’s Enthusiastic Book Reading Has His Baby Cracking Up

To quote everyone’s favorite animated aardvark, Arthur, “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.” I might be dating myself a bit, but I remember making weekly trips to my local library. My favorite part about visiting the library was the weekly storytelling that took place every Saturday.[…]

Cheesy Mashed Potato Spring Rolls Are The Best Snack Ever

If I had to choose a favorite side, anything with potatoes would probably be it. But if you forced me to narrow it down further, it’d be a tie between french fries and mashed potatoes. On the one hand, mashed potatoes are so smooth, but I love that fries are[…]

Baby Girl Soothes Her Crying Twin Brother In The Sweetest Way

After sharing the same womb, it’s basically impossible for twins not to form an inseparable bond. This adorable video from YouTuber Twin Mom is the latest evidence of that extraordinary relationship. In the clip, which was filmed by a baby monitor, the six-week-old siblings can be seen cuddled together in[…]

How People Harvest Spider Silk Is Freaky As Hell…This Is A Nightmare

You might be surprised to learn that humans still use spider silk to produce certain goods. Don’t worry. It’s not normally used for items that we need on a daily basis. I’m talking about things like bulletproof vests, silk crosshairs for weapons, and even artificial human skin. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’);[…]

Ickey Woods is back in hilarious commercial for Geico

http://twitter.com/#!/DeionSanders/status/507708143603052544 The “Ickey Shuffle” is as good as we remember it: http://twitter.com/#!/GEICO/status/507724821955096576 And if you don’t remember it, here it is in its original form:     Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/09/05/ickey-woods-is-back-in-hilarious-commercial-for-geico-video/