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This Gorgeous Beach Scene Seemed Totally Normal Until They Saw Something Weird

Cabo is a gorgeous getaway that attracts thousands of tourists each year, but one spectator on the shore took in a strange sight back in 2011. And it certainly wasn’t a picturesque sunset. While filming, a traveler noticed that the water seemed uncharacteristically choppy. After a few seconds, they realized[…]

This Paralympian Deserves the Gold Medal for His Epic Halloween Costumes.

When Josh Sundquist was a child, he lost his leg to Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare bone bone cancer. Today, he is a member of the United States Paralympic Ski Team and Amputee Soccer team. Oh, and the wearer of some of the best Halloween costumes the world has ever seen. It[…]

Cheetah And Dog Best Buddies Experience Their First Snow Day Together

Back in October, cheetah cub Kumbali was in need of a friend after being separated from his mother. That’s when a yellow labrador named Kago came to his rescue and the pair became unlikely pals. Months later, Kumbali is doing very well and lives at the Metro Richmond Zoo in[…]

This Teen With Down Syndrome Just Made History For His High School In One Play

What is your favorite memory from high school? Unfortunately, for me, it was getting out of there and moving on to better things — I didn’t particularly enjoy the experience, and I’m sure many of you will agree. I have no huge victories besides graduating and I’m actually pretty okay[…]

Charlie Sheen Does The Ice Bucket Challenge, But With A BIG Twist!

Actor Charlie Sheen is the latest celebrity to lend his fame to the Ice Bucket Challenge, the fund raising campaign for ALS Association (an organization supporting those with Lou Gehrig’s Disease) which has taken the Internet by storm lately. This being Charlie Sheen, though, he had to do it differently. Instead of[…]

This Is The Single Greatest Father And Daughter Dance You Will Ever See.

This video is guaranteed to give you the biggest smile; it perfectly captures love, appreciation, family, and the importance of being silly in just over one minute! In the video a father and his little daughter do a celebratory dance that they have been doing for a few weeks now[…]