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This Momma Bear Will Do Whatever It Takes To Get Her Baby Out Of A Tree

When a little baby brown bear doesn’t listen to his mother…what happens? Well, in this case, he gets himself stuck at the top of a very flimsy tree. Despite what Mom told him time and time again, he climbed higher than he should have. Now, it’s up to her to[…]

These Two Best Friends Want to Make the Coolest Zombie Movie Ever.

Sam and Mattie were best friends since meeting in grade school. Watching them together for two seconds is all you need to see the clear bond between them. The duo constantly crack each other up. But there is one thing that sets them apart from other teen boys obsessed with skateboarding[…]

Must-see: Rep. Gowdy delivers passionate, teary savaging of IRS [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/jllanclos/status/342681869659291650 We do. And Rep. Gowdy’s statement at the IRS hearing Thursday afternoon is truly a must-see. http://twitter.com/#!/SouthernPol/status/342687482242023424 It was incredibly powerful. Watch and see for yourself, but be sure to have some tissues handy: Passionate and fierce. Rep. Gowdy (R-S.C.) spoke for all Americans. Rep. Gowdy spoke For the[…]

These 20 Good Samaritans Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

With all of the terrible examples of humanity we come across daily in the news, it’s easy to lose faith in people. I’m definitely guilty of looking at others more negatively than I should — I think we all are sometimes. But fortunately, there are Good Samaritans in the world[…]

Christmas storm blamed for 3 deaths in the South; Tornadoes cause heavy damage, injuries

http://twitter.com/#!/smilesagee/status/283729006145191936 As Twitchy reported, tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama caused major damage and injuries on Christmas. As many as 34 tornadoes ripped through the South, trapping people in their homes and mangling buildings. Scary photo of the tornado from my neighborhood in Mobile this evening, taken by neighbor down the street.[…]

In A Miraculous Turn, This Baby Was Saved By Heart Surgery Before Birth

It wasn’t too long ago that the death of infants directly after birth was a common phenomenon. Thanks to medical advancements, however, infant mortality rates are no longer climbing in plenty of nations around the world. But what happened recently took those powers to a whole new level. When a[…]

Not Even Cerebral Palsy Can Stop This Inspirational Bodybuilder

Wade McCrae Washington is no stranger to overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. After being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just 11 months old, doctors didn’t expect the young boy to live past the age of 10. At 12 years old, he was given another life-altering diagnosis: severe scoliosis. From a young[…]