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Her Puppies Were Stolen And She Lived In The Trash, But She Never Gave Up On Life

Every year, approximately 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters across the United States. Whether they’re left out in the cold or surrendered by humans who can’t take care of them, the fact remains that almost four million innocent dogs end up in shelters, and thousands more still need saving. And[…]

Journalists: ‘Stifling of free expression is happening’ despite pledge

http://twitter.com/#!/Kerryepp/status/486610714753105921 The situation on the border is just one among many where the Obama administration is stifling the press. Remember this? He might as well have said, “If you like your government transparency, you can keep your government transparency.” http://twitter.com/#!/ron_fournier/status/486567069475807232 38 journalistic organizations have signed a letter urging President Obama to[…]

Little Dog Passes Out From Overwhelming Joy When Reunited With This Girl.

Anyone who thinks dogs don’t have feelings must not know many dogs. Casey the Schnauzer was away from her momma who was living abroad for two years. When the young woman came home… Casey just couldn’t handle all of the happy. The little dog was so filled with joy, she[…]

Watch These Dogs Lend Their Owners A Helping Paw As They Shovel Snow

Shoveling snow sure is a big pain in the butt. Most people would love to avoid shoveling altogether, and some go so far as to pay people to do it for them. That’s why these pups decided to lend their favorite humans a helping paw. Even if their efforts weren’t[…]