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Forget Kiss Cams — What They Did At This Stadium Is So Much Better

At a Denver Nuggets basketball game recently, something showed up on the Jumbotron that made everyone smile — and it wasn’t your average kiss cam, either! While enjoying the game, a familiar song starting playing over the speakers. When parents realized what was going on, they knew exactly what to[…]

Doing just fine: New campaign video of Obama on the economy?

http://twitter.com/#!/ExJon/status/211162590997528576 President Obama’s delusional claim that the private sector is “doing fine” is not going to be swept under the rug any time soon. Leave it to Twitter user @ExJon to sum up things in a hilariously perfect way. Boom! Watch out for those headwinds, though! Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/06/08/doing-just-fine-new-campaign-video-of-obama-on-the-economy/

10 Awesome Uses For Toothpicks That You Probably Never Knew About

I’ve always thought toothpicks only had one function, but as it turns out, I’ve been very, very wrong. Although they work great for picking pieces of food out of your teeth, there’s so much more that they can help you accomplish. From fixing a leaky hose to keeping a pot[…]

Bubba Watson makes miracle shot to win The Masters

http://twitter.com/#!/espn/status/189133923069079553 Before play at The Masters began today, the talk was of how players like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Lee Westwood, and Fred Couples could take home the coveted green jacket at Augusta National today. Some, like Woods, would have to play a nigh perfect round and others, like Mickelson[…]

Pro wrestler in ICU after suffering broken neck from serious car wreck

http://twitter.com/#!/FrontRowBrian/status/194973337762537472 Pro wrestler Buff Bagwell has been involved in a serious car accident and is in intensive care after flipping his jeep multiple times. The 42-year-old has reportedly suffered multiple broken bones in his neck, face and jaw. Pro wrestling fans across the nation sent their best wishes. Marcus 'Buff'[…]

To Capture Thailand’s Vast Countryside, Google Did Something Truly Amazing

Much of Thailand’s greatest sites are off the beaten path, that is, not accessible via roads and cars. So, when Google Street View wanted to add more points of interest to their coverage of the country, there were very few options. Measuring in at nearly 200 square miles, it’s almost[…]