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He Walked Up To A Cop With His Hands Up — What Happened Next Is So Important

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Whether you’re a civilian or an officer, you should never have to be afraid to walk out your front door. Cases of glaring injustice have affected both civilian and police communities over the past few months, and one man is doing his part by reminding everyone[…]

Woman Has The Cutest Reaction After Opening Up A Surprise Birthday Present

What’s better than a regular birthday gift? A surprise birthday gift, of course! But then what’s better than a surprise birthday gift? A surprise birthday gift containing a brand-new, adorable little puppy! Lisa here recently experienced exactly that joy when she came home one day and her husband, Kenny, was[…]

Lake Superior’s Frozen Surface Is Hypnotic And Beautiful In The Winter

Our world is a beautiful, wondrous place to live, which is why there are constant efforts to protect it and make sure it stays that way. If you’ve ever been outside (and you definitely have), you know exactly what I’m talking about. Recently, people filmed the frozen waters of Lake[…]

This Old Video Is A Tutorial For One Seriously Disturbing Procedure

Brain surgery is a delicate procedure now, but back in the day, it was even more nerve-wracking. Doctors had to use tools and techniques that would be considered barbaric by today’s standards. The movement toward using more modern methods in the 1920s eventually picked up steam, but it was a[…]

Deaf Dachshund Surrendered To The Shelter Learns Sign Language — AWW!

When Bob the dachshund was dropped off at the shelter, volunteers knew he had some issues. His family brought him from Hungary to the United Kingdom, but they didn’t know how to deal with the fact that he had problems balancing and walking in addition to being deaf. The shelter[…]

Hello baseball, goodbye pants!

http://twitter.com/#!/Rusty_Bill/status/207903055914610688 So we were at Wal-Mart the other day and saw these weird leather straps for sale in the men’s department. We had no idea what these weird things were for, then it dawned on us! Those are made to assist people in holding their loose pants up!! Supposedly they’re[…]

This Tribe Digs Up Its Dead And Gives Them Makeovers Before Living With Them

Every culture has their own sacred death rituals, but some are far more frightening than others. Take the Torajan people, for example. On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, dead bodies are seen very differently than they are in the States. Corpses aren’t actually considered to be dead until a water[…]

One Guy Just Made The King Of All Cakes. Its Ingredients? Well, You’ll See.

Charles Phoenix, the king of doing things a little over the top, created some of the most entertaining food items we can remember. From the Halloween Meatloaf Rat, to Frosty the Cheeseball Man, his creations delight audiences around the world, and make us a bit hungrier. He recently took on a new challenge: to[…]

‘Running for president?’ New Ted Cruz video turns the awesomeness dial up to eleven

http://twitter.com/#!/SpotRanch/status/449529929257189376 You’re probably pretty fed up with the whole “Yes We Can” thing, right? Well, that’s because you haven’t heard Sen. Ted Cruz’s take on it: http://twitter.com/#!/michellemalkin/status/449579974714867713 This is good stuff, guys: http://twitter.com/#!/leiniemom/status/449547597498175488 http://twitter.com/#!/charliespiering/status/449555731189366784 http://twitter.com/#!/adartproducer/status/449512419425935360 “Pit-a-patting” … and speculating: http://twitter.com/#!/LibertyisLife/status/449572926153838592 Several people seem to think so: http://twitter.com/#!/522tim/status/449569656898994176 http://twitter.com/#!/MelissaTweets/status/449567739607126016 2016 is[…]