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Lib radio host Mike Malloy calls Satan to check on Breitbart in hell

http://twitter.com/#!/KenShepherd/status/223174157284802560 Need proof that the late Andrew Breitbart is still with us and still getting under the Left’s skin? Look no further than progressive talk host Mike Malloy, who dropped trou and let loose all over Breitbart’s grave Tuesday. The revolting Malloy thought it would be just hilarious to place[…]

Hold On To Your Hats (And Wear a Helmet)! The Hovercrafts Have Arrived.

The future is here! Just like out childhood cartoons promised us, we now have hovercraft technology. About time, right?  The Hendo Hoverboard uses a magnetic field that allows it, and a full-sized human on top, to defy gravity and hover above the ground. Despite Earnshaw’s theorem, which says that equilibrium can never be reached[…]

Meet The Creature That’s The Most Unintentionally Festive Animal On The Planet

Officially called the spirobranchus giganteus, these Christmas tree worms are some of the most festive creatures on the planet. When they burrow into coral and spread their colorful crowns, they bear a striking resemblance to the bright and spectacular trees that so many families put up around this time of[…]

Eric Holder: ‘People who feel threatened have a duty to retreat’ [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/sunnyright/status/357240247085572097 The concept of self-defense is terribly outdated in this day and age. At least that’s what Attorney General Eric Holder seems to believe. Addressing the NAACP this afternoon, Holder, using the context of the Zimmerman trial, bemoaned the destruction resulting from citizens exercising their right to defend themselves: http://twitter.com/#!/TheRickWilson/status/357238144732631041[…]

This Daring Chimpanzee Rescue Is Still Amazing Even Years Later

Recently, encounters in which humans enter zoo enclosures have been deadly. That hasn’t always been the case, however. In 1990, Rick Swope’s trip to the Detroit Zoo turned into a daring rescue of a chimpanzee. Jo-Jo the chimp had been rescued by the zoo after his mother was killed by[…]

While Exploring An Abandoned Hospital, They Took Videos And Were Never Seen Again

In May 2008, two college students went exploring inside the abandoned Pennhurst State School and Hospital in East Vincent, Pennsylvania. Originally known as the Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic, the facility was surrounded by controversy before its closure in 1987. Mentally and physically disabled patients lived[…]

Golden Glob: Jodie Foster’s jumble of an awards speech; Like an ‘episode of Lost’

http://twitter.com/#!/hollyR_J/status/290659417404346368 Golden Globe award show viewers may not have understood a word actress Jodie Foster said when she accepted her lifetime achievement accolades tonight, but they seem to agree she was…genuine. Her name is trending, if it’s any consolation to the forlorn star. https://twitter.com/tarawallis/status/290664506013667329 https://twitter.com/RyanJHaddad/status/290664717859553281 https://twitter.com/jpodhoretz/status/290661270707904512 https://twitter.com/jockosports/status/290664748259885057 https://twitter.com/joshacagan/status/290657740609703937 https://twitter.com/avb/status/290666064759623680 https://twitter.com/ThatSashaJames/status/290661682831847425[…]

What Happened To This Dog Made My Stomach Turn. And At The End? I Cried Like A Baby.

Very few people have the time or resources to save animals in need. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something for them. Heroic animal rescue organizations like Hope For Paws exist to help animals in need when others can’t. A woman named Sandy Mays discovered a dog in a condition that’ll make you feel ill. The pit[…]

Overcome With Emotions, She Faints During Her Boyfriend’s Romantic Proposal

Sometimes two surprises can be one too many to handle. A guy named Cameron recently blindfolded his girlfriend Brittany and brought her to where all their friends and family were waiting, which came as a huge surprise to Brittany, since it wasn’t her birthday or anything. Once she took off[…]

Mockfest as Code Pink members reduce women to vaginas at GOP convention

http://twitter.com/#!/DLoesch/status/240155013412950016 Ah, the always classy and sexist Left! Get the mind bleach ready: Code Pink again broke out the vagina costumes. Members dressed up in giant vagina costumes to protest at the GOP convention in Tampa. Worse: They also danced around. In the costumes. Code Pink @ GOP Convention "We[…]