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Kelly crushes IRS victim-blaming Rep. McDermott; He sneers, screams ‘stop it!’

http://twitter.com/#!/redsteeze/status/342327323179241472 Good call! Yes, she did. http://twitter.com/#!/JessicaHelene/status/342331990294548480 As Twitchy reported, Democrat Rep. McDermott blamed the IRS-targeted victims during Tuesday’s hearing. They totally had it coming, you see. Watch the fierce and awesome Megyn Kelly destroy the creep known as Rep. McDermott: http://twitter.com/#!/Mikasa22USA/status/342329860728950785 http://twitter.com/#!/wilkie4/status/342329720123301888 No, she didn’t. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly refused[…]

Egyptian women use social media to combat escalating violence against female protesters

http://twitter.com/#!/_amroali/status/273392150476095488 Citizens of Egypt are taking to the streets to protest the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsi’s dictatorial power grab. Unfortunately, while all protesters are putting themselves in the crosshairs of the Brotherhood and police, female protesters face an additional risk: sexual assault. Incidents of harassment and rape at[…]

This Vintage PSA About Electricity Will Scare The Hell Out Of You

Although the most recent Spider-Man movie will have you believe that getting shocked by high voltages of electricity will give you superpowers (and a creepy, robot-like Mike Tyson voice, apparently), the truth is, it will most likely kill you. This idea seems like a no-brainer, but it wasn’t in England[…]

Ann Curry reportedly axed from ‘Today’

http://twitter.com/#!/weird4/status/215616802368143365 Word around the Twitterverse is that Ann Curry is out as the host of NBC’s “Today” show after just one year: Please please please. RT @thedailybeast Is this the end for Ann Curry at the Today Show? http://t.co/T3ngDXB2 — Allison™ (@allidoe) June 21, 2012 NBC to replace Ann Curry, disappointing[…]

I Never Knew You Could Do Some Many Things With Hydrogen Peroxide

I still remember how much I hated getting cuts and scrapes as a kid…because they meant my mom would douse the spot with hydrogen peroxide and that arguably hurt more! But it also always did the trick. Since hydrogen peroxide does expire — you should get rid of it six[…]

‘This ad is great!’: Sarah Palin tweets Alabama candidate’s ad [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/DariusFoster/status/483235520378437632 It’s not often that a candidate for state office gets his video tweeted out to a million or so followers.  It happened today for Darius Foster who is running for the Alabama state legislature. http://twitter.com/#!/SarahPalinUSA/status/483251339733241856 It is a pretty cool ad. http://twitter.com/#!/WhoopsOhMy/status/483253124795080704 http://twitter.com/#!/AwakeinCO/status/483237783008317440 We’re guessing that Foster is going[…]