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A.C. Slater’s plane hit by lightning

http://twitter.com/#!/MarioLopezExtra/status/190929733733720064 But don’t worry. It happened before he’d boarded. As I sit here impatiently… Yes, thank the Lord I wasn't on the plane when lighting struck it. Gotta keep things in perspective… #Blessed — Mario Lopez (@MarioLopezExtra) April 13, 2012 And he’s totally cool with it. Being the eternal optimist…[…]

Poor Tim Pawlenty: Left at the altar again

http://twitter.com/#!/diggaduh/status/234146281176588288 As VP buzz solidifies around GOP Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin tonight, Twitter users took time out to tweet their condolences to two-time loser and former GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota: Dude… Pawlenty got passed over AGAIN. Damn… — Mr. Jim Newman (@MrJimNewman) August 11, 2012 Now Pawlenty,[…]

‘Throws up in mouth’: OFA shifts focus from O-care lies to ruining baseball [pic]

http://twitter.com/#!/JDtheBard/status/450726786041524224 It’s Opening Day for baseball! Which can mean only one thing: OFA somehow needs to bring America’s focus back to Obama. Mission accomplished: http://twitter.com/#!/BarackObama/status/450724718195126272 We can’t even. http://twitter.com/#!/JonahNRO/status/450725849135087616 Asked … and answered: http://twitter.com/#!/bccohan/status/450729084952535040 Sad, isn’t it? It seems OFA’s not content with helping President Obama destroy health care. They’ve got[…]

Michael Moore: Walter White wouldn’t have broken bad if he lived in Canada

http://twitter.com/#!/MMFlint/status/381555033357045760 Michael Moore is the latest liberal to suggest that if “Breaking Bad” character Walter White had lived in Canada when he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he wouldn’t have had to resort to cooking methamphetamine. As a high school chemistry teacher, of course, White had health insurance. Probably very[…]