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Remembering the #Challenger disaster: 27 years ago today

http://twitter.com/#!/chambanalaura/status/295909956748730368 Remembering the Challenger crew today. The NASA family lost 7 of its own on Jan. 28, 1986. go.nasa.gov/XMoOr5 — NASA (@NASA) January 28, 2013 Twitter users are taking time out today to remember the crew of the Challenger space shuttle and their families. Twenty seven years ago today, disaster[…]

He Saw A Honey Bee Crawling Around On Some Bricks, And What It Did Is Nuts

When you think of animals with immense strength, honey bees probably don’t come to mind. While walking by a brick wall one day, this man turned and saw a bee investigating a nail. Wondering why on Earth a honey bee, a creature that’s been around for centuries, would be so[…]

This Tiny Dog Can’t Get Enough Of This Carnival’s Huge Slide

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a county fair or carnival. It just amazes me how they can fit so much food and festivities into one place. Most carnivals even allow pets to walk around the fair grounds, so that your fur babies can partake in all that sweet, sweet fun.[…]

Dad Opens The Best Christmas Present Ever And Has The Cutest Reaction

My dad is always the last person left on my Christmas shopping list. He’s not particularly hard to shop for, but what could possibly be special enough for the man who’s given me everything? There are always the standard presents, like ties and coffee mugs, but sometimes they just don’t[…]

‘Shut the hell up and sing’: Pearl Jam singer’s anti-Israel rant

http://twitter.com/#!/einfal/status/488505470681108480 Lovely. Another musician taking up performance time to spew his political beliefs. http://twitter.com/#!/Star_Fawkes/status/488498278678274049 Pearl Jam played a show at The National Bowl in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England Friday.  Lead singer Eddie Vedder went off on a crass anti-war rant seemingly aimed at Israel. The political ranting begins at around 4:10 in the[…]

Steven Crowder talks gun rights on Russia Today

http://twitter.com/#!/SooperMexican/status/183232731264720897 Sooper Mexican speaks the truth. The anchor should’ve known better than to bring a butter knife to this intellectual gunfight. Steven’s fast becoming one of the most ardent, well-spoken young defenders of conservatism. If you’re not following him on Twitter, do it now. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/03/23/steven-crowder-talks-gun-rights-on-russia-today/