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Reward: $2,200 for info leading to arrest of Steven Crowder assaulter; Updated

http://twitter.com/#!/DLoesch/status/278591470582247424 Conservative radio talk show host Dana Loesch announced on her show that an anonymous donor is offering $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of the union thug who assaulted Steven Crowder in Michigan on Tuesday. Now ppl are contacting my show offering monetary awards for information leading to the[…]

For A Quick, Simple, And Cheap DIY Ornament, Try Glue Gun Snowflakes

Every year, I look for new and exciting DIY projects to make during the holidays. I love to craft new and festive decorations for my home. The focal point of any wintery house is the Christmas tree. This year, I used blue lights to give off a chilly feel, and[…]

What They Serve In This Small Canadian City Will Make Your Stomach Churn

Small-town traditions can be some of the most interesting things in the world. But no other local tradition is quite as interesting and/or gross as the sourtoe cocktail. Hailing from a small northern Canadian town called Dawson City, this odd drink is both fascinating and completely creepy… According to local[…]

By #3, I Thought My Brain Was Going to Explode. These Illusions Are Insane.

There are many optical illusions, both natural and man-made, that can trick your brain… every time. The visual illusions are characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. The information your eyes gather doesn’t match the source in some way, causing a major (awesome) headache. There are three[…]

Gravity-Defying Dog Jumps To Grab A Tree Branch, But Look What Else He Does!

If I know anything about dogs, it’s that they love to chase things. Playing fetch with my family Labrador was one of my favorite activities growing up in the middle of the woods. My pup, like many pups, would go after tennis balls, stuffed animals, and hilariously large sticks —[…]

When This Puppy Hears The Phone Ring, He Has The Funniest Reaction

Do you remember when personalized ringtones were all the rage? For this German shepherd puppy, ringtones are just as entertaining today as they were in 2005. But oddly, this doggo hears them coming from a once-popular artifact known as a landline. Not many people have them anymore, which may explain[…]

There Are Talented People All Around Us…And This Cashier Is Proof!

Lucas Holliday isn’t your average Dollar General cashier. At first glance, he may not appear to have unbelievable talent, but when he opens his mouth to sing, his voice sends shivers up the spine of everyone in earshot. In between waiting on customers, the extraordinary singer can be heard belting[…]

She Got Him A Card For Their Anniversary, But It Was What She Wrote That Blew Him Away

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); At weddings, I always like to watch the groom as his bride walks down the aisle. His reaction speaks volumes about how he feels about her. The same goes for pregnancy announcements. I’m always so excited to see how the new papa-to-be reacts to the surprising[…]

Snort: Biden says his IQ is a BFD and asks ‘You ever see me rope a dope?’

http://twitter.com/#!/WestWingReport/status/256413318921736193 Oh, dear. Can one self-rope? Is that even possible?! Mockery swiftly ensued. just “dope” so far … RT @drudge_report: BIDEN: ‘You Ever See Me Rope-a-Dope?’ drudge.tw/TBD3li — Todd Sullivan (@ToddSullivan) October 11, 2012 So with Biden’s “Rope a dope” comment, I guess He wasn’t impressed with Obama’s performance either.[…]