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Erin Burnett frets over right-wing media’s ‘absence’ of Gosnell coverage

.@CNN today: @jaketapper covered the story. @ac360 covered it. @erinburnett asked @donnabrazile if it's okay to not cover the story. — DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 13, 2013 If you’d like to argue that the pro-abortion Left hasn’t twisted itself into a pretzel over coverage of the Kermit Gosnell murder trial, try[…]

He Pours Molten Copper Over Antifreeze, And The Result Is So Cool

People who have the scientific know-how to pull of awesome experiments are undeniably cool. If not for them, the vast majority of the technology we have today would not exist. Try to keep that in mind when you watch this video of YouTuber Tito4re pouring molten copper over antifreeze. It[…]

When Women Found This Poor Dog, He Was Barely Alive. But Watch His Transformation.

AMA Animal rescue recently discovered a pit bull whose condition will reduce you to tears. They found him sick, starving, and neglected, chained up outside without any affection or attention. It’s truly heartbreaking. This is Norman. He endured nearly a lifetime of abuse and neglect. YouTube / AMA Animal Rescue[…]

Rep. Hank Johnson floats idea of ‘world without balloons’

http://twitter.com/#!/jtLOL/status/327857210866667520 Helium does have other uses besides making party balloons float: it’s used in MRI scanners, for example. But … what about the balloons? The House voted today 394–1 to maintain America’s Federal Helium Program, and Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) very likely credits himself with bringing Democrats and Republicans together[…]

What A Santa Did For A Hearing-Impaired Little Girl Is A Beautiful Gift Itself

A little girl was visiting a Santa at a shopping mall, like countless other children do during the holidays, when something magical happened. Her mother let Santa know she had trouble hearing… And his response will fill you with joy (and Christmas spirit). Most adults don’t believe in Santa…but if[…]

This Dog Went Up To A Bank Teller And Made The Cutest Withdrawal Ever

Between my phone app and ATMs, I rarely go into my bank anymore. I don’t have to wait in long lines to access my account anymore, which is great. But if Gracie the golden retriever is any indication, I could be missing out on some adorable stuff by staying at[…]

Oliver Willis whines about ‘The Five’ panel’s enthusiasm for Paul Ryan

http://twitter.com/#!/owillis/status/238384968571682816 Media Matters’ research fellow of stompy–footedness couldn’t handle Dana Perino’s excitement at the prospect of Vice President Paul Ryan. Such silliness, he said! Such fawning! Fortunately, one Twitterer was kind enough to remind Oliver what real media fawnage looks like: http://t.co/hZ3pkTwk RT @owillis: fox's the five panel going nuts over[…]