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These Two Happy Little Pups Love Nothing More Than Playing In Leaves

If there’s one thing that cute dogs Maymo and Penny love more than anything else, it’s playing around in leaves. Whether it’s the exciting crunch noise that the huge piles make under their little paws, or the great smells that they keep discovering, these two adorable dogs absolutely love every[…]

Bill and Hillary’s ‘romantic’ tweets will make 2016 almost intolerable [photo]

http://twitter.com/#!/billclinton/status/388618880605646848 Get used to the flood of wannabe lovey-dovey tweets and “romance is alive” photos as we head toward 2016. http://twitter.com/#!/mattstandeuce/status/388639109117652992 Just askin: Does that pic of Bill and Hillary remind anyone else of the first few seconds of this old “MADtv” skit? Worth noting: Hillary has yet to retweet[…]

What Happens When This Kid Sees A Tray Full Of Donuts Is Comedic Gold

When this dad showed his little son a tray of donuts, he knew it’d be entertaining…but not this entertaining. As it turns out, this kiddo has a limitless curiosity about the names of these strange treats, and he won’t stop until he nails the pronunciation of every name. He has[…]

It Looks Like Someone Just Caught Footage Of Bigfoot Via Drone

Is Bigfoot real? You’d think that after all these years of searching, we would be a little closer to a real answer, but that’s just not the case. If this new drone footage is to be believed, however, we might be closer than ever to getting some answers about this[…]

He Started Playing His Accordion In A Field. Watch What The Cows Do!

When an accordion player in Garmisch, Germany, headed to a nearby cow pasture to practice some tunes, he had no idea that his music would attract such an audience. His sweet-sounding instrument quickly caught the ears of quite a few music-loving bovine. Before long, his groupies swarmed around him. After[…]