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This Guy Got Bitten By A Bug, Which Is Normal…But His Reaction Is Anything But

When I get bitten by mosquitoes, the spot gets red and balloons up to an uncomfortably large and embarrassing size…but my bites have nothing on what this guy is going through.

Then again, if you bring up Ben C‘s abnormally large top lip, he’d probably ask what you’re talking about. He’s just got naturally luscious smackers, obviously.

But I think everyone — including doctors — would hilariously argue otherwise…

Watch his whole reaction here.

You do you, Ben.

Personally, this would be MY reaction to this kind of bug bite.

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Someone Really Needs To Tell This Hippo That Crocodiles Aren’t Toys

It’s no secret that crocodiles are extremely aggressive predators.

Their large jaws and general unpredictability are enough to make any animal think twice before picking a fight. However, this hippopotamus must not have gotten the memo about the dangers associated with getting too close to a hungry croc.

While observing animals in their natural habitat, National Geographic captured unbelievable footage of a hippo licking a crocodile. Shockingly, the predators didn’t really react, but you’ll still be cringing the whole time.

Well, you don’t see that every day. Dang.

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It never ceases to amaze me when scientists capture unimaginable animal interactions on video. Share this with all the animal lovers in your life who will be just as fascinated by this as we are!

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The ‘best news’ Mika Brzezinski has had in ‘years’ is hilariously sad [video]!/baldingschemer/status/431048782042521601

Read it and weep … with tears of laughter.

CVS’ announcement that it plans to stop selling cigarettes is the “best news” Mika Brzezinski of “Morning Joe” has heard in “years.” Years!!/Alyssafarah/status/431043754246807552

Dude. Years!!/bccohan/status/431044392489877504

And yes, it really happened:


Oops! This random dude may be hardest hit by CVS’ cigarette announcement

CVS to stop selling cigarettes alongside ‘60 feet of candy shelves’; Obama waves health pom-poms

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3 Delicious Tailgate Dips – Travel Channel

Provide these 3 tailgate dips and score a crowning achievement with your visitors.

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Cell Phone Tips And Tricks That You Probably Haven’t Heard Before, But Won’t Forget

We live in an age where most people in the developed world have a cell phone. That, of course, comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages…but it’s important to know how to use it, regardless. These tips and tricks might seem silly to some, but they’re the kind of downright useful life hacks everyone should know.

Making your own stylus? It’s easier than you think.

Some you knew…some you couldn’t have.

Sure, smartphones are great…but you still have to be smarter!

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This Poor Dog Had A Huge Gash And Brain Damage, But They Never Gave Up On Her

It never fails to amaze me how our friends at Animal Aid Unlimited are able to rehabilitate even the most hopeless of injured animals.

Muriel’s case is no different — after receiving an urgent call about a dog with a bleeding head wound, volunteers immediately rushed out to rescue her. When they found her, they were horrified to see that she had a huge gash caused by a brutal blow to her head. She had brain damage and couldn’t move at all.

They weren’t sure if they could save the poor pup, but that didn’t stop them from trying. They wrapped her up and whisked her away to get the medical treatment she desperately needed. Within only a couple of months, she made an unbelievably incredible recovery.

She looks so happy at the end!

I still can’t believe how great Muriel is doing after everything that happened to her. If you want to help this organization save more lives, you can donate here.

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She Dipped Her Hand Into Crushed-Up Eye Shadow For A Genius Nail Polish Hack

If you’re anything like me, you have more than a few old containers of eye shadow lying around. You don’t use them anymore, but throwing them away seems wasteful…so why not use them as nail polish?

YouTuber Rclbeauty101 creates polish that’s not drippy or hard to control by simply grinding up her old eye shadow with a nickel and mixing it with acrylic powder. Then, she coats her nails with clear polish and dips them into the powder. As she demonstrates, you can repeat this as many times as you’d like to achieve the perfect hue.

The result is fun, mess-free nails! This is also a great opportunity to recycle and get creative with your makeup. Talk about winning!

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So cool! Be sure to share this awesome beauty hack with anyone you know who loves colorful nails but hates the hassle of painting them.

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