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Footage Of A Shellshocked Soldier From World War I Will Break Your Heart

Following the end of World War I, the most powerful countries on Earth were faced with something they’d never seen before — a bizarre condition that was once known as shellshock. Today, we refer to that condition as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But in 1918, it was poorly defined, and treatment of victims was often harsh and ineffective.

Fortunately, United Kingdom-based psychiatrist Dr. Arthur Hurst changed all that. Instead of punishing those suffering from shellshock, Dr. Hurst developed an alternative treatment involving a combination of hypnosis, persuasion, massage therapy, and dietary changes. As you can see in the video below, the physician’s treatments were incredibly effective.

(source: War Archives)

Thanks to the work of Dr. Hurst, veterans suffering from PTSD today are treated with respect. Most importantly of all, they’re not subjected to inhumane practices that once kept those who served their countries from ever finding relief.

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This Veteran Mom Just Discovered The Best Way To Avoid A Messy Baby!

Being a mom can be a messy job.

Between cooking, feeding, and playing with the children, a mom’s work is never done! For both well-experienced and new mothers, perhaps the most daunting and outright dirtiest part of the job is the infamous changing of the diaper.

Changing a diaper is hard enough, but it can be even more frustrating when the baby is wearing a onesie. One experienced mom just discovered the best-kept secret to saving a baby from what she calls the “Poo-Nami.”

Check out this mom’s awesome diaper-changing tip below!

You go, mom! I wish changing my clothes were that easy!

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In Case You Didn’t Know…Snakes Can Open Doors (Otherwise Known As My Nightmare)

In the contest of who’s creepier — snakes or spiders — there may never be a clear winner. However, when it comes to the following video, I feel like snakes have a firm lead. Spiders, while terrifying in their own right, have their limitations when it comes to size. They can also be easily trapped in a room while you run away screaming walk away calmly.

I used to think the same thing about snakes…then I saw this.

I don’t think snakes should be this smart.

Well, shoot. Now I have to buy dead bolts for all of the doors in my home. It won’t be cheap, but I’d honestly rather be safe than sorry when it comes to home snake protection.

If you want to be even more terrified, just check out julius the python‘s YouTube channel.

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This Dog’s Motivation May Be Unclear, But He Definitely Helped A Friend In Need

There are tons of stories about dogs saving people and other animals, but have you ever wondered if any of these situations were just lucky coincidences?

One pup is currently getting a lot of attention for rescuing a buddy in need, but whether his intention was to actually save the other dog or not is up for debate. Either way, I think we can agree that his actions were heroic.

While these two pups were playing with their owners in the Yuspe River in Córdoba, Argentina, one of them got pulled down a small rapid. Luckily, the other pooch didn’t hesitate to pull his companion out — though it’s very possible that he was more interested in a stick than anything else.

Yeah, I’d put my money on the stick.

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What do you think this dog was trying to do — save his friend or steal the stick? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to SHARE this with all your dog-loving friends!

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This Loving Pup Helps Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To His Mom…And It’s Ridiculously Sweet

There’s nobody this adorable pup loves more than his mom. She takes care of him, feeds him, and even takes him on long walks that end in belly rubs! When dad started singing “Happy Birthday” to his favorite lady on her special day, the dog decided to chime in.

Let’s just say that the end result will leave you wishing that your canine companion had a nice singing voice, too.

Okay, he might not win a Grammy anytime soon, but it’s the thought that counts! We’re positive that his mom appreciated the gesture.

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Beliebers demand ‘Boyfriend’ video!/AimzRiley27/status/186062668493365248

The teeny boppers are at it again with the Bieber fever. After Justin Bieber released a 20 second tease of what his new music video for “Boyfriend” would resemble, it’s causing fans around the globe to lose control.


— quinn (@dabieberwanted) March 31, 2012

Here’s the teaser. Please try and contain yourself.

We Want Boyfriend Video! I have a feeling it's gonna be something sexy.

— Ime i Prezime (@sof_mladenovic) March 31, 2012

Why are you doing this? YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THE VIDEO NOW! or I will die! We Want Boyfriend Video <3

— Constanza Castro (@ConstanzaGCC) March 31, 2012

Relax children, the video will be here soon enough. And when it does get here, you’ll only be focused on the next video release.

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Emily Miller ably holds her own against condescending jerk Don Lemon [video]!/EmilyMiller/status/436958872390369280

But of course!

This afternoon, CNN host Don Lemon wanted to discuss some comments Michele Bachmann made about the 2012 election. But when one of his guests, conservative author and Washington Times senior opinion editor Emily Miller attempted to put Bachmann’s comments into context, Lemon and his other guest, Daily Beast columnist Keli Goff, broke down laughing. Because nothing says “real journalism” like dismissiveness and condescension.

Take a look:

Through it all, Miller kept her cool and stayed classy. Unfortunately, there were plenty of viewers who did neither:!/DrKickAzz/status/436958597562376192!/Blitzburg7/status/436959515196792832!/CML_Texas/status/436961244726042624!/ashleykorin/status/436959340613103618

But it’s Miller who’ll have the last laugh.!/DannysKorner/status/436959157879447552



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Twitchy coverage of Don Lemon

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