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When These Pugs Meet Their Baby Brother For The First Time, They’re So Excited!

When baby Louie was set to meet his trio of brothers one day, his parents had a problem: how do you introduce a tiny tyke like Lou to a group of wily pugs…and not have them swarm him with love?

Their inventive solution let him meet the dogs on his own terms…just wait until you hear his adorable laughter!

It turns out that while the pugs can’t contain their excitement, neither can baby Louie. We’re sure these four will be fast friends!

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Here’s The Funny Thing That Happens When You Give Grannies The Keys To A Lamborghini

Imagine getting the chance to spend a day cruising around in a 650 horsepower Lamborghini. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, for elderly ladies Peggy Glenn and Audrey Linden, it became just another part of their day back in 2016 when they became the lucky (albeit temporary) recipients of the keys to a gorgeous Lamborghini Murcielago in exchange for being featured in Donut Media‘s “Two Grannies, One Lamborghini” video. The car-centric company wanted to find out how well the women would handle being behind the wheel of such a magnificent vehicle, and they did pretty well…once they figured out how to get it on the road.

While Glenn and Linden had no problem getting into the car, backing out of the driveway was another story.

But once on the streets of Los Angeles, they had a blast showing off and waving to everyone they passed, who were compelled to stop and stare at the grannies in the Lamborghini.

They even met a cute older gentlemen while out running errands. It’s a shame there was no room for him in the car!

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They Were Out Boating When A Hippo Did The Last Thing You Would Expect

Hippos are known for being kind of silly looking, but they’re actually incredibly dangerous.

In fact, the hippopotamus is the most dangerous land animal in Africa, and they kill more humans each year than crocodiles do. They’re known for lurking in the water, but you might be surprised to know that hippos can’t actually swim. Rather, they do little moon walks under water and propel themselves upward by pushing off the bottom.

Whether or not these enormous creatures can swim, they sure can move quickly. In 2015, a boater was able to catch some incredible footage of a hippo charging after them and it is absolutely insane.

I can’t even believe how fast it’s moving. I’ve watched this like 30 times!

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Well, that hippo certainly lives up to the dangerous hype. I wouldn’t want that thing charging at me! Share this if you were totally amazed.

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Department of Defense calls on military members to vote!/DeptofDefense/status/254277930669195264

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has a message for our troops overseas: vote.

As Twitchy reported, some states have been less than diligent when it comes to ensuring that our men and women in uniform receive their absentee ballots. Let’s hope that they’re listening to Secretary Panetta’s message as well.



The Heroes Vote Initiative: Combating military voter suppression

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Hey, Guess What! Mites Are Probably Reproducing On Your Face Right Now

Having a perfectly clean face is something that a lot of people strive for, as evidenced by the billion-dollar skincare industry. In fact, you probably have a collection of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and exfoliators hanging out in your bathroom…so how would you feel if I told you that your face is covered in mites right now?

Don’t freak out. D. folliculorum and D. brevis are the two species of mites that love chilling in our pores. Over the course of its 14-day lifespan, a mite will eat, sleep, and mate from the comfort of its own little pore.

These parasites are found on the faces of basically all adults. No matter how hard you scrub, you won’t be able to prevent new mites from moving in.

(via The Verge)

Fortunately, they’re pretty much harmless. Some believe that they are linked to rosacea, but that doesn’t affect too many people, and it’s not life threatening. We all just have to accept the fact that our faces are crawling with these little guys.

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